The head of EU diplomacy is against the ban on issuing visas to Russians

Head of European Union diplomacy Josep Borrell does not support a total visa ban for Russians.

EU diplomacy head against visa ban for Russians

“This is a very controversial proposal. Some countries have already taken certain measures in this regard, others are not going to support this proposal. I don’t think it’s a good idea to ban entry to all Russians,” Vedomosti quotes the head of EU diplomacy.

According to the diplomat, a ban on entry to EU member states is acceptable for major Russian businessmen, however, do not close the borders for those Russians who want to leave Russia.

On August 31, EU foreign ministers will meet to discuss changes to the Schengen visa code to limit the issuance of Schengen visas to all Russians, except for certain categories.

Diplomats are expected to talk about changing the visa code, which in its current version does not allow to completely stop issuing visas only on a national basis. Initially, the creation of a voluntary system will be considered, which is designed to multiply the issuance of tourist visas to residents of Russia.

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