You were deceived! 10 thousand steps a day and 4 more healthy lifestyle myths that everyone believes

You were deceived! 10 thousand steps a day and 4 more myths about healthy lifestyle that everyone believes

It seems that we know everything about a healthy lifestyle: when and what to eat, how much water to drink, how to stay active. Many myths about maintaining slimness are so firmly entrenched that they now seem proven long ago, although they have no justification.

10 thousand steps per day

This is how much you need to pass a day to stay slim and healthy. Absolutely everyone has heard about 10 thousand steps, many are sure that this number was revealed by scientists, nutritionists, and trainers. But, in fact, there was no research on the number of steps.

This is just a marketing ploy that was used after the Olympics in 1964, when there was a sports boom in Japan. Yoshiro Hatano released a pedometer called “10,000 Steps”. The advertising campaign used the slogan: “Let's walk 10 thousand steps together.” remembers. In fact, experts believe that it is not the number of steps that has a beneficial effect on the figure, but the duration of the walk: it is enough to walk for about an hour a day to keep fit and stay healthy.

Give dinner to the enemy

A lot of food systems and diets are based on the postulate “Eating at night is harmful”: intermittent fasting, refusal of dinner and food after 18 pm. But this myth can be really dangerous: nutritionists and endocrinologists claim that calories have the same effect on the body at nine in the morning and ten in the evening, and falling asleep hungry over and over again is not at all useful.

This can lead to morning and afternoon overeating, gastritis and poor sleep quality.

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day

You were deceived! 10 thousand steps a day and 4 more myths about healthy lifestyle that everyone believes

DinnerPhoto: Pexels .com

Forcing yourself to eat in the morning is a real challenge for many people, but for many years, nutritionists have assured that everyone needs breakfast. Now experts believe that it is necessary to eat when you feel hungry. Statistically, those who forced themselves to eat in the morning consumed more calories per day than those who waited for hunger.

Than more training, the better

Motivating videos are pushing: go to the gym and do not leave until you see the result, train five to six times a week, and preferably every day. These exhortations have nothing to do with a healthy lifestyle: firstly, with such a training schedule, the muscles simply do not have time to recover. Secondly, you can get serious injuries that will make going to the gym impossible for a long time.

Carbohydrates should be consumed separately from proteins

The system of separate nutrition is built on this: it is believed that different enzymes are responsible for the absorption of these nutrients, which the stomach cannot produce simultaneously . Soon the myth began to acquire more and more details and now you can often hear that you can’t even eat cucumbers and tomatoes together.

Of course, this is absolute fiction and marketing move. The body is wise enough to get the most out of the food you eat.

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