Wumbling and hidden charm

Vumbilding and hidden charm

Today it is fashionable to be beautiful, happy, as well as slim and fit. Moreover, not only the face and buttocks should be fit. It would be ideal if intimate muscles were also trained.

Wumbling — has not been a secret technique for a long time, it does not inspire terror in anyone and does not drive anyone to shame. This is — a set of rather interesting and effective exercises that will help keep your intimate muscles young and attractive to a partner. Lessons can take place in groups or individually. Trainers will offer you a special technique, as well as introduce you to simple simulators.

You can start exercising at home. There are three very effective exercises, the results of which will not be long in coming. So, if you are not expecting a baby and are a healthy woman, you can start today. The first is squats. On the count of times we strain the sphincter, on two – we squat and relax, on three – we get up to the starting position. The second is lifting the pelvis from a prone position. Perform 2-3 minutes. The third is similar to the second, only you raise the pelvis not rhythmically, but smoothly, leaving the muscles of the buttocks, sphincter and pelvis tense for 1-2 minutes on the rise.

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