Why does garlic rank first in disease control?

Why garlic ranks first in the fight against disease?

From time immemorial, garlic has been considered by the people as the most delicious therapeutic and prophylactic remedy against diseases such as SARS and influenza. But it is worth noting that garlic also prevents the development of a disease such as cardiomyopathy, which is often found among diabetics.

Heart disease is at the top of the list of deaths, and diabetes is the main reason why people have problems with the cardiovascular system. According to studies by Asian scientists, garlic has been proven to be very effective in preventing cardiovascular diseases, as well as in avoiding complications that lead to death of diabetics.

Scientists have conducted a series of studies on laboratory rodents, studying the effects of garlic extract on diabetic rats. The results showed that garlic has antioxidant properties and relieves signs of inflammation in the myocardium, as well as counteracts cell death. As a result, myocardial cells return to normal. Researchers say that garlic oil has great potential in protecting the heart from cardiomyopathy in diabetics.

What's more, garlic improves blood pressure, lowers cholesterol, has antimicrobial properties, and fights fungal infections. Based on this, experts strongly advise including garlic in your daily diet. Researchers emphasize that garlic oil has over 20 different substances that have healing properties. So, allicin is a useful chemical compound that contains sulfur.

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