Why am I not losing weight? Mysterious causes of weight gain

Why am I not losing weight? Mysterious reasons weight gain

Dietitians and nutritionists often hear complaints from clients: “I I am on a diet, I go in for sports, and the weight has stopped!” Sometimes, despite all efforts, kilograms not only do not disappear, but also increase. Why is this happening? You may be making a few dieting mistakes.

Choose fast diets

I really want to fit into a new dress, and there are only two weeks before an important event, which means it's time for a tough diet! So do thousands of girls every day. There are many low-calorie diet options online that promise to lose 5 kilos in a week.

Yes, the weight will go away quickly, and then just as quickly come back. The body, after experiencing restrictions and stress, will definitely try to stock up on nutrients in order to survive the next diet.

Restricting calories too much

Counting calories has become the most convenient way to get rid of excess weight for many, but some decide to cut their daily diet too much. So, if you were eating 2500 calories a day, and then decided to eat no more than 1200 calories, of course, the pounds will begin to melt away rapidly.

But soon the body will decide that hard times have come, therefore, despite the meager diet, it will stop parting with the accumulated weight. Remember that the calorie deficit should not exceed 15% of the daily calorie intake. Under this condition, the kilograms will go away gradually and evenly, without causing harm to health.

Abuse healthy food

It seems that you eat only healthy foods: you start the day with oatmeal, snack on nuts and dried fruits, and have dinner with fish and vegetables, but the weight does not fall, or maybe the scale even creeps to the right. This happens if the total calorie content of the daily diet is more than what your body consumes.

Think maybe your portions are too big? Indeed, a bowl of oatmeal contains about 300 calories, and if you add honey to it, then about 400. Nuts, dried fruits, whole grain bars are very high in calories.

That is why modern nutritionists do not advise dividing foods into “correct” and “harmful”, because only the total calorie content of the diet affects weight loss.

Ignore undercuts

It seems that you strictly calculate breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the candy that a colleague treated is unlikely to greatly affect weight. But, without taking into account snacks, you can significantly exceed the daily calorie intake. For example, a latte with milk and syrup contains more than 300 calories, which many do not take into account when drinking coffee on the way to the office.

This mistake young mothers who are trying to lose weight often suffer: carefully controlling the diet, they do not take into account what they ate after the baby. And half a cracker, a couple of spoons of porridge, a piece of fish end up adding extra calories.

Sleep a little

Endocrinologists warn: constant lack of sleep leads to a malfunction of the hormonal system. The production of the hormone responsible for signals of satiety is suppressed, and the substances that tell you that you are hungry begin to work more actively.

Normalize your daily routine, to rest for at least eight hours, and you will notice that the centimeters at the waist began to disappear, and the wolf's hunger disappeared without a trace.

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