Where to buy quality hair extensions?

Where can I buy quality hair extensions?

Esendi is a group of companies that offers its customers premium products from the Belli Capelli brand. The company cooperates not only with individuals, but also with the owners of large beauty salons.

To make professional hair extensions more affordable, the center offers favorable prices for the entire range. The company supplies the domestic market with the following products:

  • cosmetics;
  • special equipment;
  • Slavic and South Russian hair on keratin capsule.

In addition, the center also sells other products. The range includes convenient hair separators and combs designed specifically for hair extensions.

Staff training

Esendi provides its customers with professional training opportunities. This will help improve the skills of beauty salon workers. The staff will master all the secrets of hair extensions using keratin capsules.

Where can I buy quality hair extensions?

A wide range of services

In addition to training courses, Esendi can also offer extensions. It is produced using high-quality products, and experts very carefully select curls, which helps them not to make a mistake with the tone. Experienced craftsmen use Italian hardware technology, which has been tested and approved in Russia and the CIS countries.

For diplomas, certificates and awards, please follow the link — bellicapelli-spb.ru. The site contains contact information for communication with representatives of the company and there is a special calendar of events that will help you learn about the most important news of the Esendi company.


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