Weight loss, the need for food, or why it is not necessary to starve when losing weight

Weight loss, the need for food, or why it is not necessary to starve when losing weight

Weight loss and the constant desire for harmony among women and girls has become practically the norm. In our time, it seems even ugly and socially unapproved to be satisfied with your weight.

Often, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity strive all their lives for some ideal of their own figure, moving away from it rather than approaching it. Strict diets, debilitating hunger strikes. For what? As if there is an idea that life will change dramatically along with appearance.

Why lose weight at all?

This is completely wrong. Kilograms will go away, muscles will come and the desired harmony, but changes in life will definitely not occur because of the parameters of the hips and waist. Changes in life occur due to a change in consciousness, self-perception and attitude towards one's future. That is why hunger strikes and strict diets as such do not make sense. But a healthy diet and a competent approach to it will not be superfluous to anyone.

You can cook tasty and easy, while losing weight. For example, you can look at a recipe for a light dish like chicken with mushrooms in more detail, or look for recipes for steamed fish. There are dishes from meat, cereals, fish and potatoes, which contribute to weight loss. And it's really delicious food, with salt and spices. Even a dessert can be useful in weight loss, though we are not talking about low-calorie cakes and low-fat commercially produced pastries. It is important not so much what a person eats, but in what quantities and for what.

Weight reduction , the need for food or why it is not necessary to starve when losing weight

The latter may seem strange to a person who is used to eating three times a day according to the regime or who does not think about food habits at all. In reality, overweight is most often gained by those women who, in the process of eating, satisfy by no means nutritional needs. All living creatures on the planet have the need to get energy from food, but only in humans, the absorption of food is also associated with many other social and psychological needs.

How people seize stress

It's worth considering how often people engage in stress eating, using food as a reward, or snacking as a way to satisfy their need for rest. The latter is especially true when you understand that the only legalized break for rest for the working population — it's a lunch break. These are just some of the needs that are met through food. More often, it is due to this supposedly additional food that the body receives an excess of energy that it is unable to cope with, which it no longer needs.

Understanding what kind of need is satisfied during food can greatly help in the process weight loss. Sometimes it's enough before every snack, meal, or full meal to ask yourself: «What am I eating for?» It is good if each time food enters the stomach to satisfy the need for food. But, alas, this rarely happens. And this becomes noticeable after the first candy eaten, a glass of lemonade drunk or a grabbed cookie.

Author of the article: Tatiana Naumova, editor of women-journal.com

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