We declare war on acne

War on pimples

Acne is not just a nuisance, but a skin disease that requires competent and consistent treatment. Acne can appear not only on the face, but also on the whole body. Favorite spots for pimples — these are the face, neck, back, chest and upper arms. The appearance of acne is due to the active production of sebum, which clogs the pores of the skin and prevents it from breathing normally. The pores accumulate not only sebum, but also dust and dirt.

All this creates a breeding ground for bacteria. Therefore, the first rule in the fight against acne — This is a regular cleansing of the skin with the help of special cosmetics. A big mistake many people make — This is pimple popping. This way of getting rid of the problem only aggravates it, since bacteria are transferred from one place to another due to extrusion. There are many reasons for acne: unhealthy diet, illiterate skin care, hormonal changes in the body, taking certain medications, etc.

Declaring war on pimples

Perhaps the most effective acne treatments that can be used at home are the following:

  • Salicylic acid. Sold in pharmacies and cosmetics stores. It penetrates into the pores of the skin, cleanses them well and prevents the further appearance of acne.
  • Triclosan preparation. Suppresses harmful bacteria on the surface of the skin. Triclosan — effective product that does not dry the skin.
  • Sulfur. It has anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. Improves complexion, narrows enlarged pores.
  • Strong decoction of St. John's wort. Since St. John's wort contains tannins, vitamins C, P and A, St. John's wort has a good disinfectant effect on the skin. St. John's wort decoction is used for skin care; you can wash your face with this decoction or make lotions on your face.

It would be nice, of course, to visit a dermatologist who will prescribe an individual treatment and select the best remedies for you!

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