We choose warm, protein, healthy: how to eat in winter so as not to get better

Choose warm, protein, healthy: how to eat in winter so as not to gain weight

While voluminous down jackets or fur coats hide the figure, many allow themselves to relax a little, eat an extra cake, increase the portion of pasta or fried potatoes. And in the spring, they discover with horror that their favorite jeans have become suspiciously tight. Therefore, fitness clubs are faced with an influx of customers in early March and remain almost empty during the winter months. in winter you can eat more to keep warm” should be forgotten forever. Nutritionists advise to follow completely different dietary rules in the cold season.

Starting not with nutrition

In order not to be so drawn to fatty and sweet things in autumn and winter, you need not to show miracles of willpower, but to defeat seasonal depression. Due to the lack of happiness hormones, the body tries to get quick pleasure in the most understandable and quick way: with food. sad and gray, try to look for joy in other things – music, sports, hobbies, communication with loved ones, shopping.

Include warm food

Another common cause of winter overeating is the desire to warm up, the body asks for starchy, warm food. Many at this moment choose fast food or something bread. But the point is precisely in the consistency and temperature of the food, and not in its calorie content: please yourself in the morning with soft porridge with milk, and in the evening with a tender omelet with steamed vegetables – the desire to have a snack with a bun will gradually disappear.

More Protein

Protein food helps to cope with hunger for a long time and not to sort out calories. Combining this rule with the previous one, you will avoid the constant desire to chew something: arrange warm protein breakfasts – cottage cheese casseroles, omelettes with vegetables, cheese, herbs. They will help you not to break into an extra cookie in the office.

Eat fish

Omega−3, vitamins and easily accessible fats will deceive the body, making it think that it is not a harsh winter, but a bright summer, which means a reason to be sad definitely not.

Use spices

Ginger, cinnamon, star anise will help to warm up, eliminate the feeling of hunger, and also diversify the diet and turn familiar dishes into culinary masterpieces. With them, even vegetable stew will seem tastier. Cook spicy, spicy meals so you don't overeat.

Organize healthy snacks

If you're constantly craving something, swap out high-calorie buns, chocolates, and cookies for fruit chips, nuts, cereal bars, or yogurt. You will stay full and not feel uncomfortable.

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