Treatment of gums with folk remedies

Treatment of gums with folk remedies

Bleeding and inflammation of the gums are usually caused by numerous bacteria that can accumulate on the teeth and gums with improper oral care. These bacteria are actively multiplying. The main symptoms of the disease are bleeding, redness, swelling and inflammation of the gums, pain when eating. Treatment of gingivitis should be started immediately.

If you do not see a doctor in time, everything can end in serious complications, loss, prosthetics or implantation of teeth. The cost of this kind of work will be much higher than in the case of a simple treatment.

But, as you know, it is better not to treat the disease, but to prevent it. First of all, consult with a specialist. He will help you choose the right toothpaste, tell you how to rinse your mouth. Now there are many pastes that make it possible to prevent the development of diseases of the oral cavity. Remember – you should brush your teeth at least twice a day.

A good preventive measure is a toothbrush massage. Buy a special brush that has bristles of various thicknesses. It shouldn't be too hard. Such a brush will not only clean your teeth, but also massage your gums. And, of course, do not forget: the best prevention of any dental disease is a regular (at least twice a year) visit to the doctor for a preventive examination.

But what to do if inflammation still occurs? For example, pregnant women and children can be recommended to rinse with brewed chamomile or calendula. If you see a doctor, he will recommend anti-inflammatory gels and, if necessary, prescribe a course of antibiotics.

If inflammation is severe, you can try a more serious remedy, such as Lugol's solution. This is a glycerin iodine solution. It not only warms the gums, but also disinfects them. What should be done? Moisten a stick with cotton at the end with the preparation and treat the inflammation sites. This procedure can be done twice a day. For these purposes, you can also use “home” preparations – a decoction of oak bark and chamomile. Take 4 tablespoons of oak bark and chamomile, brew it all in a liter of water. When the solution has cooled, dilute it with water in a ratio of 1:1. Rinse your mouth with this decoction several times a day.

But in any case, if you get sick, you should consult a doctor. Only a specialist can prescribe the right treatment.

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