This is dangerous! Why you can't sleep naked in the heat

It's dangerous! Why can't you sleep naked in the heat

Summer hot days often turn from joy into a real challenge. In the office and on the face, there is a risk of heat stroke, and at night it is impossible to fall asleep due to stuffiness. I want to take off all my clothes, even cozy pajamas.

But as it turned out, sleeping naked in the heat is far from the best idea. This was told by physician Anthony Yun. According to him, even in the summer it is worth putting on a light cotton shirt before going to bed. Later, Anthony Yun's opinion was confirmed by another specialist, Dr. Sophie Bostock, who studies the effect of sleep on the body.

She said that when a person sleeps naked on a muggy night, sweat accumulates on his body rather than being absorbed into his clothes. From this, the body temperature rises, and it becomes uncomfortable to sleep. In addition, even in the heat, sweating, you can catch a cold and wake up with a sore throat and a runny nose.

“I advise you to definitely wear cotton pajamas – it will cool the body much better than sleeping without it,” says the expert.

Sophie Bostock noticed that our body is sensitive to an increase in external temperature: the hotter it is, the slower melatonin is released, which is necessary for quality rest. According to the expert, an open window, air conditioning, or an unusual life hack – bed linen chilled in the freezer can help. and duvet cover in a bag and close in the freezer. The fabric heats up for quite a long time: you will have time to fall asleep deeply and wake up much more refreshed than on a normal hot morning.

What to sleep in heat

Leave your favorite satin and silk pajamas until chilly autumn: slippery fabric does not absorb moisture well, causes irritation in the heat. Waking up in wet clothes is unlikely to please you.

Choose comfortable pajamas and shirts, without decor, embroideries, pockets and excessive freedom. In stuffiness, we fidget a lot in our sleep: numerous ties and straps get tangled and can pinch the skin.

Experts consider light suits to be ideal for summer nights — shorts and a T-shirt made of cotton or linen.

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