The preparatory stage when installing a metal-ceramic crown or which doctors you will have to go to

The preparatory stage when installing a metal-ceramic crown or which doctors will have to go

In recent years, at almost any age, you can restore all teeth, make a Hollywood smile or just straighten crooked fangs. Dental technologies have made great progress, but some of them remain unchanged, only slightly transformed.

One of these dental restoration procedures is the installation of metal-ceramic crowns.

True, now before installing individual crowns, brushing your teeth in Krasnoyarsk can be recommended. In this case, at the last stage of prosthodontics, the orthopedist will correctly select the color of the ceramics, in accordance with the natural shade of the enamel, and not to the plaque. At the preparatory stage for the installation of a metal-ceramic crown, it may be necessary not only to clean, but also to completely sparingly whiten the tooth enamel. Removal of tartar is mandatory.

Also, at the stage of preparation for the installation of the crown, the canals of the tooth are filled with high quality, on which the metal-ceramic will be installed. Now in public clinics, as in the old, by no means good times, the dentist often fills the canals of the tooth & # 171; by eye & # 187; or how far they were able to pass. In this case, a few years after the installation of the crown, an inflammatory process may begin in the canals that have not been sealed to the end. And the chance of losing the roots of the tooth under the crown is too real.

Preparatory step when installing a ceramic-metal crown or which doctors will have to go

In modern clinics, the dentist cleans the canals completely, up to the top of the tooth. The results of the filling are checked using an x-ray. During the filling of the canals, modern antiseptic preparations are used. All this allows you to create a reliable basis for the installation of a metal-ceramic crown for many years. It is in order that with age, if it is necessary to install crowns and bridges, it is not necessary to re-fill the dental canals, it is better to immediately treat pulpitis in good clinics. Most often, it is teeth devoid of nerves that are the first to be replaced.

If the hygienist cleans the teeth from deposits and stones, the canals are sealed & # 8212; dentist-therapist, then the patient passes into the hands of an orthopedist. The first meeting with this doctor is most often a consultation: an approximate work schedule is drawn up, the maximum cost of a metal-ceramic crown with an insert is calculated, the specialist informs about the process and features of the planned work.

Installation of a metal-ceramic crown &# 8212; this is a rather lengthy process, especially considering the preparatory stage and the installation of the tab. It is important to take into account the need for numerous visits to the orthopedist. Therefore, it is worth choosing a doctor with whom it will be comfortable to interact. It is also worth remembering that the process of prosthetics also depends on the work of the dental technician who performs the actual crown. This lengthens the process, which should be considered when drawing up plans. Unfortunately, the installation of a metal-ceramic crown — This is an expensive form of prosthetics. But it fully pays for itself both with its aesthetic appearance and the quality of the work performed.

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