The names of the key ways to reduce the severity of heart attack

Named key ways to reduce heart attack

  Heart attack – one of the most serious causes of death in the world. The stench of raptov and the supernaturally unsafe navit for those who are alive, the shards can lead to children's problems.   Healthy eating and increased activity – find ways to keep yourself healthy'I'm under control, but there are other words, for which follow respectfully, to reduce the risk of heart attack.   Throw a fire   Chicken is the main factor in the risk of heart attack, as well as other unresolved fatal problems, such as cancer and heart disease. Cigarettes avenge tar and see chadny gas, which ushkodzhuє legenі and zbіshuє rizik sertsevyh and legenevy ill.   Monitoring of arterial pressure  Permanent control, especially from vіkom. A high pressure, also known as hypertension, significantly increases the chances of a heart attack and a serious “twinkle”. Close to 50 heart attacks from high vise.   This means that the heart is forced to work hard, to pump blood throughout the body, the splinters of the artery lose their elasticity and become hard, narrow and clogged with fat plaques.   In most people, a high pressure develops through improper eating and low-gradeness.   Keep your cholesterol levels in check   High cholesterol levels can lead to clogged arteries, which is one of the main causes of heart attack. Shilnist to what I can be transmitted from recessions, but often the result of an unhealthy way of life & nbsp; Try triglycerides on a low level  Triglycerides are often favored by cholesterol, but we don't know that. If you are, the body transforms whether it's calories, like you don't need to vicorate in a row, on triglycerides. The stench is saved in fat cells for a vain vikoristannya, wilting for taking energy from food.   High rіven triglycerides can relieve hardening of the arteries and sweating of their walls, which increases the risk of heart attack or stroke and the development of heart disease.   Control blood rhubarb   The movement of blood tsukor is not safe. Vin «rose'їdaє» all organs, and the eyes, nirks, nerves, and heart suffer the most. People with diabetes die from heart attacks, strokes, waste fat on their legs.   Know the history of your sim'ї   Deyakі people more for іnshih skhilnі before the heart attack, and in the family history you can know a forward sign. As if your father and brother were less than 55 years old, if they had a heart attack, or if your mother's sister suffered a heart attack for up to 65 years, then you have a group of risks.  
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