The most popular procedures in cosmetology

The most popular procedures in cosmetology

Today, beauty salons offer many different treatments for the body, hair, face and hands. But those that really help clients become beautiful and have a long-term, pronounced effect are especially popular.

Mesotherapy confidently holds the championship. This procedure has a healing, rejuvenating effect and is the most effective way to get rid of cellulite.

The procedure consists in the introduction of injections under the skin, which are selected individually for each client. It can be a vitamin complex, hyaluronic acid or a plant extract. For those who do not accept such radical methods, mesotherapy without injection is provided. In this case, the drug is applied to the skin, then treated with a special device with magnetic waves. To keep the skin in good shape, 6 to 10 procedures may be needed annually.

Mesotherapy has successfully established itself among cosmetologists and clients and has gained great popularity all over the world. The second in the list of the most popular cosmetic procedures is peeling. Thanks to peeling, the skin acquires a healthy color and appearance, wrinkles are reduced and smoothed. Peeling is also used to eliminate some cosmetic imperfections – scars, pigmentation and enlarged pores. Cosmetology offers several types of peeling — mechanical, ultrasonic, laser and chemical.

Mechanical peeling involves the removal of the upper layer of the epidermis, for which tools and abrasive substances are used. Ultrasonic and laser peels are based on the destruction of skin cells and their subsequent exfoliation. Chemical peels use acids and alkalis to break down the surface layer of the skin. Peeling is considered such an effective procedure that many consider it an alternative to plastic surgery. Beauty salons also offer all kinds of masks – moisturizing, modeling, lifting.

During the procedures, various cosmetic compositions are applied to the face, which, when solidified, tighten the skin. As a result, muscle sagging, puffiness are eliminated, the shape and oval of the face are tightened. The classification of masks is extremely diverse – film, gel, anti-inflammatory, collagen, etc. Botox injections are no less in demand. Probably, any woman knows about this procedure, even if she has never visited a beauty salon. As a result of Botox injection, mimic wrinkles are completely smoothed out in 2-5 days. The effect lasts for about six months, then the procedure should be repeated. A Botox injection performed by a professional is completely safe.

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