The effect of mascara on eyelashes

Influence of mascara on lashes

Each of us at least once, but used mascara. In addition, almost all girls and women use this type of cosmetics daily, applying it to their eyelashes. We do this so that our eyes become expressive, and our eyelashes are thicker and longer. There are many different types and classifications of mascara, but many of us do not think about the question – how does mascara affect our cilia.

No one argues that, first of all, the quality and effect of mascara on the eyelash depends on the manufacturer of this mascara. Recently, well-known brands have been counterfeited, passing off mascara as a well-known brand. In addition, the price of this carcass is not at all cheaper than branded. It would be nice if the quality of the carcass corresponded to the quality of the branded one, otherwise it is of much lower quality. A fake does not differ in appearance from a branded one, but many harmful substances can be used in its composition.

Do not succumb to stories that high-quality mascara will be useful for eyelashes. But at least this mascara will not harm you (unless, of course, you are allergic to the components that make up its composition). To ensure that high-quality mascara does not spoil your eyelashes, you should follow certain hygiene rules. You should not wash off the mascara with soap, unless it is created specifically for such purposes. Choose the right eye make-up remover that will gently, and most importantly, remove mascara from your eyelashes. In addition to eyelash hygiene, you also need to remember that it is recommended to change mascara every three months, because. bacteria accumulate on the brush, which can cause irritation and loss of eyelashes.

The worst mascara is waterproof. This mascara is not recommended to be used every day, it should be used only in case of emergency. Also, to wash off such mascara from the eyes, you need to purchase a special tool, because. the usual will not completely remove the mascara, leaving a part on the eyelashes.

Mascara can cause eyelash loss or dermatitis – it all depends on the quality of the paint and the sensitivity of the eyes. Before you buy mascara, carefully study the composition – usually, it is written on the tube with ink. In addition, if you are afraid that the mascara will cause allergies, apply a special cream to the eyelashes – this will prevent discomfort and protect the skin of the eyes.

If you still doubt whether you are allergic to one or another mascara, contact a cosmetologist who will help you choose really high-quality and safe mascara. Many of the fair sex use eyelash dye instead of mascara, but this paint is not suitable for everyone.

Tips for choosing high-quality mascara:

1. Really high-quality mascara and not only (this applies to all cosmetics) is sold only in specialized cosmetic stores, but not in stalls and transitions. In stores, sales assistants will help you choose mascara by talking about products;

2. Buy not cheap, but high-quality goods. This will help you to fully ensure its safety. So, for example, a cheap Chinese fake bought in the mall that imitates Dior will not help you improve your eyelashes, but on the contrary, it can bring a lot of trouble;

3. Buy famous brands of mascara that are popular on cosmetic markets;

4. You can also buy mascaras, which include dyes with firming agents and healing balms.

In general, if you correctly and responsibly select mascara and take care of your eyelashes, observing hygiene, then the mascara does not harm the eyelashes. The main thing is not to use waterproof mascara.

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