Strong press – it's not difficult at all!

Strong press — is not hard at all!

The muscles located on the abdomen are designed to protect the organs located in the abdominal cavity from any injury. Also, these muscles are necessary for the proper functioning of the muscles of the back and hips.

Before you start training and pumping the press, you need to consider some important points:

  • you need to do at least three times a week. It is best to do this daily;
  • only starting to train, do one approach, then gradually increase their number to four;
  • during training, the muscles located on the abdomen should constantly be tense;
  • do not use dumbbells or other types of weights during training. Your own body weight is quite enough for a full-fledged workout for the abdominal muscles;
  • the abdominal muscles are straight and oblique. The latter are better to train moderately, but the rectus muscles need high-quality study.

Strong abs — it's not hard at all!

It is important to do all the exercises on the abdominal muscles as correctly as possible, otherwise you can damage your back. Strong abs and pumped muscles help create a natural belt at the waist of a person that protects the spine. Abs training should be taken very seriously and performed after completing all the basic exercises. Let's consider some exercises in more detail.

Strong abs — it's not hard at all!

  • Turns of the body. If you do this exercise while sitting on a bench with a barbell, then the connective tissue surrounding the intervertebral discs suffers greatly from such a load. It is better to drive fat from the waist with other exercises.
  • Twisting. To perform this exercise, you need to lie on the floor and place your shins under the bench. Bend your knees. Lift your shoulders off the floor. In this case, it is the abdominal muscles that should be tensed, and not the muscles of the neck.
  • An additional exercise. Lie on your back, spread your legs a little and bend them at the knees. Stretch your arms forward and touch your inner thighs. Without changing position, clasp your hands behind your head and begin to raise and lower your body. Do this exercise with a small amplitude, all the time feeling the tension of the abdominal muscles.
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