Salon treatments get rid of cellulite

Salon treatments get rid of cellulite

To get rid of cellulite, you need to take a comprehensive approach to this issue. Proper nutrition and regular fitness will not bring positive results if you do not use salon or at least home treatments.

Lymphatic drainage

One of the causes of cellulite is a violation in the subcutaneous layer of the circulation of lymph and blood, which makes it difficult to remove decay products, and lymphatic drainage procedures eliminate it.

Lymphatic drainage can be pneumatic (pressotherapy) and ultrasonic. In the first case, those who want to get rid of cellulite are put on special “wader boots”. Due to air pressure, the legs are compressed from the ankles and up. Thanks to this procedure, the intercellular fluid is redistributed and released, blood circulation improves, and edema disappears.

Under the influence of ultrasonic drainage, the connective tissue septa, which are located in the subcutaneous layer, soften, therefore, the outflow of blood and lymph improves, which means that accumulated toxins and slags will be removed.


During mesotherapy, areas with problem areas are chipped with cocktails of individually selected preparations, which can be both medicinal and homeopathic. They improve the processes of splitting and synthesis of fat, circulation of lymph and blood. Recently, mesotherapy with local cooling is often used. During this procedure, first, the problem area is cooled down strongly, and then preparations are injected there in high concentration.

Ozone therapy

Today, ozone therapy is considered the most effective method of treating cellulite. It is done in 1-3 days, no more than 20 sessions, depending on the neglect of cellulite. Ozone therapy is presented in various ways: intravenous administration of special ozonized solutions, subcutaneous injections with microneedles, cold wraps, and so on. During the course of ozone therapy, the patient decreases in volume, as the subcutaneous fat layer becomes thinner, cellulite disappears, skin elasticity and firmness increase.


During electromyostimulation, muscle contraction occurs, which improves lymph circulation and burns fat deposits even in fairly deep layers.

In beauty salons, you can offer cold or hot wraps, various types of massages and water treatments (steam and hydrotherapy, sauna). All of them are quite effective in combating the manifestations of cellulite.

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