Rules of a well-groomed woman

The rules of a well-groomed woman

If you follow some simple rules, it will be easy for you to look beautiful at any age and with any external data.

Psychologists believe that people can inspire the world around them with information about their appearance, in simple words: “If you think you are a beauty, everyone will think the same way!”. One and the same girl can be beautiful in one case, and in another case, you only want to feel sorry for her, because apart from pity, she will cause nothing in you. In both cases, it will not matter how beautiful you are by nature.

The duty of women is to take care of themselves. This is not a whim or a luxury. We have no right to be unkempt, ugly and untidy.

It doesn't matter what style of clothes you choose, hair dye, perfumes, makeup – no one should judge you, it's up to you! The main thing is that you are well-groomed. There are a few rules that you must follow.

It is not necessary to spend a lot of money on personal care, the main thing is to carry out the necessary procedures regularly. Almost no one manages to give themselves an attractive look in a short period of time if you neglect the procedures for caring for your appearance.

The habits of a well-groomed woman:

It's never too late to buy them. Forget tiredness and find an hour a day to take care of your appearance.

1.Cleanliness is the basis of a well-groomed woman. There are books on cosmetology that say that you need to wash at least once every two weeks – ridiculous, isn't it? Maybe in the Middle Ages it was the norm – to wash twice a month, but now this, perhaps, will not be enough. Moreover, in our time there is no shortage of soap and bril accessories and water.

No matter how miraculous the remedy is, it will not bring results if used on dirty hair or impure skin. Deodorant, no matter how expensive it is, will not get rid of the old sweat smell.

Get in the habit of taking a shower every day (in hot weather you can several times a day, especially if you sweat a lot). Use a full body scrub once a week. Such an effective cleansing of the body will increase the effect of creams and serums on your body several times.

Choose the right exfoliators, gels and foams for you. Choose according to your skin type. Daily hygiene products should be gentler on the skin. In addition, you should be careful when buying hand soap – the washing process should bring you pleasure, not torture.

2. The clarity of the lines is what you form yourself: the shape and length of the nails (on arms and legs), eyebrows, haircut – all these components must always be impeccable.

Agree that nails of different lengths, thick and not plucked eyebrows, and also not a neat haircut — you will not be decorated. You should always have items such as a nail file and eyebrow tweezers in your cosmetic bag and at home.

It is more difficult with a haircut. If you want to grow your hair out, tell your hairdresser about it. In order for your haircut to be neat, it should be adjusted at least once every 3 months, and preferably once every 28 days (if possible).

Do not forget about styling. The styling should be well fixed with fixatives (gels or varnishes).

3. Color – it should suit you, and also give expressiveness to your haircut. As the hair grows back, the roots will bring out your natural hair color. With any painting, regrown hair will look sloppy. Tint the roots once a month. If you want to bring back your true color, choose the dye that comes closest to the color of your hair. Do not forget the fact that even the most gentle dye spoils your hair, so there should be special care for dyed hair: masks, special shampoos, strengthening serums, conditioners.

4. Hair removal – no matter what Do you prefer a razor, creams or an epilator, the main thing is that your skin is smooth. The smoothness of your skin should not depend on the season. With smooth-shaven legs, you will feel much more comfortable than with regrown hair on your legs.

5. Matte skin is an important part of a well-groomed woman. It is unpleasant to look when a girl has an extra oily sheen on her face. Do not overdo it with drying agents – they can provoke the premature appearance of wrinkles. During the day, you can use mattifying wet wipes for the face, which remove oily sheen. You can also contact a beautician, let him determine the source of the problem. If the problem of oily skin is solvable, make appropriate masks and use special creams.

6. Perfect nails – this procedure is comparable to brushing your teeth. It is important that you do not walk around with bitten stumps. Do yourself a manicure yourself or, if possible, go to the salon. Make sure that the nails are the same length, the cuticle is processed, and the nail polish is not peeling. If you don't have time to keep track of the lacquer coating on your nails, paint them with colorless varnishes. If you prefer colored varnishes, put a bottle of varnish in your purse so that you can fix them if you have the slightest defects.

7. Get rid of the variety of fragrances – a well-groomed woman should not smell diverse. Recently, cosmetic companies have begun to produce perfume, which is combined with the smell of deodorants, shower gels, creams. If all products smell differently, it is likely that few people will like it.

If you can’t combine the same fragrance in hygiene products and perfumes, purchase hygiene items with neutral odors or no smell at all.< /p>

As you can see, it's not that hard to take care of yourself. All it takes is a little time and desire!

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