Restoring nails after extension

Restoring nails after extension

Extended nails are beautiful, but the problems that arise after extension are very serious and unpleasant. The fact is that nails deteriorate after applying acrylic and gel layers to the nail plate. Because of this, they stop creating a protective layer that resists the environment, which makes them brittle and brittle. How do you still restore nails after building? You can, of course, go to the pharmacy and buy a product, something like “Smart Enamel” or other nourishing and restorative products, but this does not always help. You can resort to the help that will be provided in a beauty salon – but not everyone can afford it. Or you can use folk methods that are very effective in dealing with such problems.

Interior restoration

At the salon, you can get a procedure called “nail sealing” to help keep your nails in order. This procedure is similar to polishing – rubbing nutrients into the nail, you kind of “solder” your nails, and this will resist their foliation. With the help of this procedure, your nails will acquire a healthy shine and regain their former strength.

You may also be offered to apply biogel on your nails. It acts as a lost defense, protecting the nail plate from environmental influences.

Home methods.

It is known that procedures in salons are not cheap and not everyone can afford it. But do not worry – you can help your nails at home.

1. Constantly cut off overgrown nails;

2. Go to the pharmacy and buy a nail restoration complex. This complex consists of varnishes that are applied in different ways and also act differently;

3. Make the following nail bath: take a teaspoon of sea salt and dissolve it in warm water. Then, drop 3 drops of lemon juice and 3 drops of any essential oil there. Dip your hands in this potion for 15 minutes, then wipe dry with a towel and lubricate the skin of your hands with oil (olive, peach or sea buckthorn); Exceptions can only be strengthening and protective varnishes.

Nail baths:

1) Heat vegetable oil and add either three drops of lemon juice or iodine, or castor oil. Dip for 15 minutes;

2) Take sour berries (strawberries are the most ideal option for such baths) and grind them into porridge, then apply on your nails or dip them into this gruel. Hold for 10 minutes, then rinse. Don't be alarmed if your nails turn berry-colored – this will pass. After the procedure, wipe your hands dry, then grease your hands with a nourishing cream;

3) Boil the potatoes, but do not pour out the water, but immerse your hands in it for 15 minutes. After the time has elapsed, pat your hands dry with a towel, then grease your hands with a nourishing cream;

4) Take the following components: liquid vitamins A and E, lemon juice, refined sunflower oil (5 drops in total). Mix everything and dip your nails in this composition for 15 minutes.


1. Boil potatoes and mash them (no milk or butter). Apply the resulting puree to the nails (the puree should be warm, but not hot). Then, put plastic bags or gloves on your hands, wrap your hands in a terry towel and sit in this state until the puree becomes cold. After that, wash off the puree from your hands and grease your hands with a nourishing cream;

2. Take the following ingredients: liquid vitamins A and E, lemon juice, refined sunflower oil (5 drops in total). Only now do not dip, but lubricate the claws in this solution, put bags on your hands and leave overnight;

3. Dilute gelatin in water and cover each nail with this composition with a brush, rinse with warm water after 15 minutes. Such a mask will help heal small cracks on the nail;

4. Take an egg yolk, banana pulp and a drop of vegetable oil. Apply this mask on your nails and leave for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.


1. Take coconut oil, glycerin and lemon juice ( all in one tablespoon). Mix everything and apply on the nail for 4 hours. After the time has elapsed, remove the remaining cream with a cotton swab or paper towel;

2. Take flaxseed oil, honey and lemon juice (one tablespoon each). Mix everything and apply on the nails for 3 hours, then blot with a napkin, removing the remnants of the cream.

Internal remedies:

1. Buy vitamins at the pharmacy, which contain calcium, vitamins A and E;

2. You can also eat foods rich in these vitamins, for example, dairy products have a lot of calcium, and fruits and vegetables, as well as fish, have vitamins A and E.

Tips after restoring:

1.Before applying colored polish, cover the nail plate with a protective varnish – this is necessary so that the decorative varnish does not damaged your newly repaired nails;

2. Even after you have restored the normal state of your nails, do not forget to make nourishing masks and nail baths so as not to repeat the sad situation of unhealthy nails.

< p> Here, in principle, are all effective means for restoring nails after extension. But best of all, do not restore after extension, but simply do not build up nails so that there are no problems!

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