Recovery program for moms after the New Year holidays with the help of a bath, cosmetics and appearance care products

Recovery program for moms after the New Year holidays with the help of a bath, cosmetics and beauty products

< strong>New Year's holidays for most women are associated with continuous cooking, constant receptions, activities with children and other family realities. And so after all this whirlwind you want to remember your body, femininity and beauty, give yourself attention and time.

This is exactly the time that will restore strength, make life more pleasant and brighter. How to create such a space to support physicality and your feminine essence?

Alternatively, you can view and download the new Avon catalog, and then order a variety of cosmetics for yourself. You should start with bubble baths, shampoos, face masks and creams. Then it is worth freeing the whole day or at least half a day from household chores and worries about the family. Make time for yourself. Soak in a warm foam bath, make face and hair masks, use all kinds of scrubs and body lotions.

How to relax

You can turn on relaxing music, take a bath with a cup of herbal tea and your favorite book. Perhaps, for someone, silence and the absence of strong external stimuli are enough to relax. Perhaps you need no light and hot water. If scented candles or essential oils in aroma lamps contribute to better relaxation, then you should use them as well. Every woman knows about herself what exactly contributes to her relaxation and calm.

Recovery program for moms after the New Year holidays with a bath, cosmetics and beauty products

It is important that this time be as free as possible. There will be no relaxation or return to physicality if children play under the door, and a beloved husband knocks with a question about cooking dinner or clean socks. Children can be sent to their grandmother or on an exciting walk to the museum with their father. It is important that no one is at home. When using belongings and shower gel, lotion or body cream, you should feel every piece of the body, listen to every cell and understand how new strength and energy appear.

Now it's time for cosmetics

After a relaxing bath, you should carefully lay hair, make up eyes with shadows and mascara, possibly a full make-upso that you can devote some more time to yourself. It can be going out to a coffee shop with friends, going shopping alone, or going to the movies with your husband. Any kind of social activity that helps to feel yourself, your boundaries — where the outside world ends and the inner, personal space begins.

On the one hand, all kinds of body care products, due to aromas, give strength and relax. On the other hand, the absence of affairs and the need to be a mother, the opportunity to be just a woman, helps a lot to return to yourself, to a stable and strong state. Leaving the house, styling and makeup feed the feeling of own attractiveness and femininity. Even ideal women, wonderful mothers and gorgeous wives sometimes need a break and the opportunity to be alone.

Author of the article: Naumova Tatyana, editor of

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