Professional teeth whitening technology

Professional teeth whitening technology

Professional teeth whitening, carried out in specialized dental clinics or medical centers. The dentist, isolates the gums from the teeth, then applies a whitening gel to the teeth, activated by a specially selected lamp light. Then the dentist, in order to strengthen the tooth enamel, treats the teeth with fluoride. In order for the teeth to become brighter by as much as 8 tones, just one procedure is enough. It should also be mentioned that dental clinics and centers also have ZOOM-2 technology. This technology not only whitens, but also treats teeth and restores tooth enamel.

Price from $400 to $1200
Laser teeth whitening is like professional teeth whitening in a dental clinic or center. But laser whitening differs in that a laser is used to activate the whitening material. This method of whitening is more effective because the whitening result is visible after the first whitening procedure.

The cost of laser whitening is from 800 to 2000 dollars
There is another way that you can whiten teeth at home, this method is called “night” whitening. The dentist makes a cast of the jaws, from which plastic cases are made, which look like a boxing “mouthguard”. These mouth guards are filled with a whitening solution and worn over the teeth overnight or for several hours during the day.

Folk remedies
Those who love grandmother's advice can rub lemon peel on the side of the zest on their teeth. Or rinse your teeth with lemon juice. You can also remove plaque with any abrasive means, from baking soda to river sand.

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