Principles of proper nutrition during pregnancy

Principles of proper nutrition during pregnancy

Mom's nutrition during pregnancy has a direct impact on the harmonious development of the baby. If earlier a woman neglected the principles of a healthy, balanced diet, then at this crucial moment it is worth revising her menu, and the point is not at all to increase the amount of food, but to improve its quality.

It should be remembered that, according to experts, malnutrition can lead to very disastrous results, ranging from defects in the development of the fetus, due to a lack of necessary substances, to difficult and protracted childbirth.


The diet should include a sufficient number of proteins. Doctors recommend not to refuse to eat meat (it is better to choose low-fat species), poultry and fish. An obligatory component should be milk and dairy products: fermented baked milk, cottage cheese, kefir, as well as eggs.


Among the carbohydrates that the expectant mother consumes, the right ones should prevail. You can find them in vegetables, fruits, cereals, black bread. But the number of buns, cakes and other sweets should be limited. Although it’s not worth it to completely forbid mom to please herself with something tasty from the factory After all, her emotional state is no less important.


To fill the need for fats, you should pay attention to olive, sunflower, butter.

Principles of proper nutrition during pregnancy


The useful components of the diet of a pregnant woman also include nuts, legumes, liver (they are a source of vitamin E); citrus fruits, kiwi, currants (replenish the need for vitamin C); carrots, apricots, parsley (supply the body with vitamin A).

Drinking regimen

An equally important task during pregnancy is to choose the right drinking regimen. On the one hand, the mother needs to consume a sufficient amount of fluid, on the other hand, edema should be avoided. The optimal volume of fluid is determined and recommended by the doctor after regular examinations of the woman.

It is better to give preference to natural compotes and fruit drinks. Quitting coffee completely is not an easy test for many, but it is still worth it to reduce its quantity as much as possible.

Product quality

Quality should be carefully monitored. If any product, even the most useful one, causes even the slightest suspicion of its freshness, it must be excluded from the mother's menu. You can also not experiment with uncooked meat, unpasteurized milk and other dishes with insufficient heat treatment.

Tasting new and exotic dishes should be postponed for a while. One mistake can lead to very serious consequences.

Thus, pregnancy should be a period of eating simple but balanced meals made from natural ingredients that have undergone detailed freshness and quality control.

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