Preventive vaccinations for adults: hepatitis and rubella

Prophylactic vaccinations for adults: hepatitis and rubella

Children's vaccinations are controversial. With foam at the mouth, opponents of vaccinations prove the need to refuse preventive vaccinations, give terrible examples and real cases.

Infectious disease doctors give no less terrible and, alas, more frequent examples of sad and frightening consequences for a child if parents refuse preventive vaccinations.

And even if nothing is clear with children, it is still more difficult with preventive vaccinations for the adult population. For example, vaccinations against hepatitis «b» must be done every twenty years. Every inhabitant of our country can find signs of hepatitis b, but it will be too late. This is not a fatal, but a dangerous and unpleasant disease.

Vaccinations are required, they should be done in a medical institution at the place of residence free of charge. But if an adult does not go to a local therapist, does not pass a medical commission at the workplace, and the personnel department does not require a certificate of preventive vaccinations, then he simply has nowhere to get information about the need for revaccination.

Roughly the same story with the rubella vaccine. Rubella — not the most dangerous disease that can cause great harm to the child if a woman gets sick during pregnancy. Malformations in children whose mothers had rubella during pregnancy were so common that obstetrician-gynecologists talk about the need to interrupt the disease in the first trimester.

That is why all women of fertile age, that is, of childbearing age should be vaccinated against rubella every five years. But how can a woman who is far from medical examinations and other mandatory contacts with doctors know about this? Imagine a non-working housewife, relatively healthy, about to give birth to more than one child, visiting shops and other public places. The chances of getting rubella are high, and the chances of learning about the need for rubella vaccination are minimal. Low medical literacy of the population — one of the troubles of our society.

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