Prevention and treatment of seasonal viral diseases: not only a solution of sea water in the nose

Prevention and treatment of seasonal viral diseases: not only the solution of sea water in the nose

Virus epidemics are on the decline, but in some regions, quarantines in educational institutions continue. The problem of maintaining health and working capacity during the mass spread of viruses is no less acute than the issues of treatment.

Recently, an article by a Ukrainian pediatrician, Dr. Komarovsky, who recommends a universal cure for influenza – has become increasingly popular. Tamiflu.

How to start treatment of viral diseases?

Alas, such an approach to the treatment of viruses leads to sad consequences. And this is not only Tamiflu that disappeared from pharmacies. This is a considerable number of complications associated with self-medication. Prescribing treatment and making diagnoses is a thankless task and harmful to health. This is not at all the same as buying cheaper analogues of drugs (list) or not having an annual medical examination.

The first thing to do with any signs of the disease is to consult a doctor or call him at home with an increase in body temperature. The doctor must be trusted by the applicant and have sufficient qualifications to prescribe treatment. Trust in the professionalism of a doctor is an indispensable condition for success in recovery. For lovers of Ukrainian pediatrics, the search for a therapist for themselves or a pediatrician for a child should be approached especially responsibly in order to trust him more than the remote treatment of a media person.

 Prevention and treatment of seasonal viral diseases: not only a solution of sea water in the nose

Do not forget about disease prevention

But this is a cure. What about prevention? Somehow there was already a conversation here that immunity lives in the stomach. In addition, even in a simple cold or in any virus there is a considerable psychosomatic component. Quite often, scientists recall wartime, when a runny nose and other colds practically did not occur as a diagnosis. People were simply not up to it, they were striving for victory, and there was no time to listen to ailments.

Thank all the gods that now is not military time. And listen to your body and its needs. But what these military facts teach is also worth remembering. If a person has a goal, there are aspirations and literally “no time to get sick”, then the probability of catching the virus is not great. If at the same time to build harmonious relations with others, then all viruses will pass by.

The truth about traditional prevention should not be forgotten either. Vitamin C, fresh fruits and vegetables, airing and walking in the fresh air, a small amount of time in crowded places, garlic and other sources of phytoncides are common methods of protection against viruses that have been tested for decades.

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