Pain in the hand: possible causes named

Pain in the arm: possible causes named

Doctors state that post-COVID syndrome can also manifest itself as pain in the arm. Pain in the hand can be an external symptom of various pathological conditions.

Physicians have named five diseases that can manifest themselves as a similar symptom.

Postcovid syndrome. Scientific experts remind that some people, having had a coronavirus infection, subsequently feel various ailments for a long time, united by the concept of “post-covid syndrome”. Pain in the hand may be one of its characteristics, it develops as a result of inflammation, which becomes more intense in the body due to the response of the immune system to the virus.

Diabetes. Pain in the extremities may indicate a disorder such as diabetic neuropathy, which means nerve damage due to circulatory problems caused by “candied” sugar. blood. “In diabetes, the restriction of blood flow to damaged nerves can lead to chronic, debilitating pain that makes it difficult to perform the simplest tasks,” doctors suggest.

Thromb. Many people think that blood clots only occur in the legs, but with the development of deep vein thrombosis, blood clots can also form in the arms. In this case, pain will also be felt (as well as swelling, fever at the site of the blood clot).

Lung cancer. A tumor that develops in the lung can, while growing, affect neighboring structures, nerves. This sometimes results in shoulder pain.

Myocardial infarction. Chest pain associated with a heart attack often radiates to other parts of the body, including the arm. “Heart disease is signaled by pain radiating to the jaw, back, neck or arms.”


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