Options for intimate hair removal

There is a huge amount of intimacy design these days (starting with

Intimate hair removal options

from a variety of intimate haircuts to coloring procedures). Despite this, many of the fair sex prefer the perfect smoothness of intimate areas, while the natural cover is becoming less and less popular. How can youo achieve perfectly smooth skin in intimate areas, and even for a long period of time? Let's try to figure it out.

Firstly, the easiest option for hair removal is a constant shave with the most ordinary razor at home. This method has a large number of negative points: it will still not be possible to achieve a state of perfect smoothness, because the hair from regular shaving begins to grow very quickly, forming a prickly stubble. In addition, regular shaving provokes inflammation and irritation on the skin, which can result in the formation of small pustules that look very unpleasant and ugly. Therefore, this method does not suit us. Let's move on to the main options for epilation.

After the procedure epilationthe skin remains smooth for about two weeks, and when using special cosmetics (various creams, lotions), hair growth can be stopped for about a month. Moreover, if hair removal is carried out regularly, then the growing hairs will no longer be so hard and prickly. The thing is that the hair removal procedure injures the hair follicle, as a result of which the hair becomes weak, thin and lighter; re-growing hair is reduced by half. Of course, epilation is quite painful, but usually it only hurts the first time, and in subsequent procedures, only a slightly unpleasant sensation remains. The pain is reduced because after several epilation procedures, the bulb becomes weaker and weaker, and therefore the process of hair removal becomes much easier and painless.

Types of hair removal
The most common and popular the type of hair removal is bioepilation (it can be sugar – sugaring and waxing).

The shugaring procedure is quite simple: the cosmetologist prepares the mixture for shugaring, kneads it in his hands, while warming it, puts it on the area to be epilated, in the direction of hair growth. Unlike waxing, this procedure is less painful, and the risk of burns is reduced (because during waxing, the temperature of the wax should be approximately 40 degrees).

So, during waxing, the wax composition is applied to the skin, and after hardening, it is removed with a sharp movement. Before epilation, it is desirable to prepare the skin. In order to reduce pain, various anesthetic ointments, creams, sprays can be applied to the skin. These products can be applied half an hour before the epilation procedure itself, so that they have time to absorb into the skin, act and not leave stains on the linen.
There are also other types of hair removal – photo, electrolysis and laser hair removal. These procedures are very painful, so they are performed under local anesthesia. Such procedures allow you to permanently get rid of unwanted vegetation on the body. If you want to get rid of hair for six years, then you will have to visit the beautician's office about 10 times, doing the electrolysis procedure. The procedure itself lasts about half an hour, but after the procedures, irritation, redness and swelling may appear on the skin. Therefore, before deciding to take such a step, carefully consider all the possible consequences, consultation with a specialist is desirable.

Before you go to a beauty salon, try to find out more about this institution, read the reviews. And the best option is to trust the recommendations of your friends, whom you trust and who have already had similar experience.

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