Massage table: a magical thing in the hands of any professional!

Massage table: magic a thing in the hands of any professional!

Every massage therapist faces a problem sooner or later, which concerns the selection of a massage table. And the effectiveness of the procedure probably depends on how high-quality, convenient the equipment will be.

It should be noted right away that comfortable working conditions greatly facilitate all the work of the massage therapist himself.

Massage tables today in all the most popular salons are divided into portable and stationary. Before making a purchase, it will be necessary to seriously think about where, as well as under what conditions the presented procedure will be carried out. If, for example, a specialist has his own office, and the area of ​​u200bu200bthese apartments allows you to move the couch quite calmly (for cleaning, for example), then you should buy a stationary massage table. Such products can withstand huge loads much better, and besides, they will also serve much longer.

It is worth mentioning separately that the very design of such stationary tables is thought out only in such a way that both the massage therapist and his patient feel as comfortable and comfortable as possible. The disadvantage of such equipment will be the difficulty in carrying out transportation. A stationary couch can be safely taken to an exit session. In addition, you cannot transfer such a massage table to another room on your own.

The most convenient is a folding massage table. Such a thing is quite easy to use, light and compact. When folded, the presented couch has the shape of a suitcase, easily fits in a closet or trunk of a car. A portable table will be the best option for using it in relatively small rooms, as well as leaving the house

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