Manicure requires sacrifice: how a beauty procedure can harm the whole body

Manicure requires sacrifice : how a beauty procedure can harm the whole body

It seems that such a harmless procedure as a coated salon manicure can affect our health. It turns out it can. But, of course, we will not talk about every procedure, but only those cases when you choose an untested salon with a dubious quality of service. Let's talk about what can go wrong.

Too dusty

Today, every master has a dust extractor on the table, which is formed after processing the nails. However, its power is not always enough for efficient operation. Sometimes you leave the salon with this dust almost on your head. But what's even worse is that dust can get into your lungs, which can become a big problem if you breathe in this dust too often. Keep an eye on this moment the next time you decide to try a new salon.


Everyone knows that you can pick up a fungus in the cabin, but this is still not as scary as if an infection gets into the blood. Where is the blood, you ask? With careless processing of the cuticle, the master can easily cut the delicate skin, any dangerous bacteria can easily enter the wound. Of course, in most cases, the fingers are treated with an antiseptic, but you will still need to get to the house and touch many objects during this time. Be very careful.

Manicure requires sacrifice: how a beauty procedure can harm the whole body

UV radiation

Let the light of the lamp affect only the skin of the hands, but even this is a rather dangerous moment for your skin. Girls who visit the salon too often may notice over time how the skin becomes tougher and age spots may appear on the hands. To avoid problems with the skin of the hands, before the next trip to the salon, be sure to use sunscreen for the body, in particular – apply it on your hands half an hour before the procedure.

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