Making breasts beautiful

Make breasts beautiful

Women's breasts can attract the attention of thousands of men, and beautiful female breasts can win millions of men's hearts. The chest, like any other part of the body, requires special attention and care. Appropriate exercise and care will help keep it in shape.

Here are some tips to keep your breasts beautiful for a long time:< /p>

1. A cold shower will help you activate your circulation. Directing a cold jet directly on the chest is, of course, not a very pleasant procedure, but remember the result.

2.Do not take too hot a bath – this will soften the tissues, which will later turn into sagging breasts.

3.To prevent aging of the breast skin, you need to moisturize it daily. Apply a special moisturizer to your chest. This is especially true in the summer, when we wear open things.

4. Swim on your back – this opens up the chest well, which is very good for the chest. But a long walk on foot only tires the chest, and when running, it generally shakes, which also does not affect her condition very well.

5. After pregnancy and breastfeeding, you may develop stretch marks, which can be removed with a massage with special oils. Rosewood essential oil can also be applied to stretch marks using a cotton swab.

6. Observe your posture, do not stoop. With a hunched back, a man will not be able to fully appreciate the beauty of your chest. Try to walk straight – back straight, chest forward, shoulder blades back, chin up. Don't forget about it, because your posture can change a lot in your life.

7. Buy yourself a quality bra. It should not tighten the chest, you should be comfortable in your bodice.

8. Do not sunbathe in the sun without a bra – this will accelerate the aging of the chest. On the beach, always lubricate your breasts with sunscreen and moisturizers.

9. Exfoliate your breasts once a week – this will remove dead cells from your breasts and refresh them. Peeling is done in a circular motion while taking a shower.

10. It is not recommended to sleep in a bra, so as not to constrain the chest, allowing it to breathe fully.

11. It is best to sleep on your back, because. on the stomach, the weight of the body is transferred to the chest.

12. Do special exercises to strengthen the muscles of the chest. For example – squeeze your palms against your chest as hard as you can afford it. You will immediately feel the tension in the muscles, count to yourself to ten and relax. This exercise can be done several times a day.

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