Macrobiotics: food system or lifestyle

Macrobiotics: food system or lifestyle

The principles of macrobiotics
originated thousands of years ago in the monasteries of China. Even then, everyone began to divide into yin and yang (female and male energy). Including food.

According to this system, our problems with appearance and even character arise from an overabundance of one energy and a lack of another. For example, when there is a lot of yang energy, a person has a temper, it is hard for him to sit on one dream or finish what he started. Outwardly, such people are thin, but there is a tummy. With an excess of yin energy, drowsiness and lethargy appear, such people are indecisive, it is difficult for them to make decisions. There is fullness of the hips and arms, skin rashes are not uncommon.

If you make adjustments to your usual diet, you can correct your figure, and your character too.

Those who eat according to microbiotic principles do not they are starving, they just eat natural food, in which there are no preservatives and dyes.

It is believed that we have an appetite when we eat sharp yin and yang foods. Foods with a pronounced yin energy: coffee, pickles, yeast baked goods, desserts and sugar; yang energy: eggs, red meat, fish and cheese. It is better to exclude such foods from the diet.

It is recommended to use foods with moderate yin and yang energy. If you feel that there is a lack of female energy, then give preference to: unsweetened fruits, cereals, vegetable oil, dairy products, nuts and honey. With a lack of male energy, you need: chicken, legumes, lean fish, corn and lean meat.

Keep in mind that depending on the preparation of the product, its energy changes. If you cook something, it will be yin energy, and when frying and baking, it will be yang.

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