Life hacks to avoid weight gain in the fall

Hacks to avoid weight gain in autumn

In autumn, nutritionists celebrate the fastest weight gain of all seasons. There are many reasons why it is during this period that we gain weight much more actively, from a decrease in activity to the restructuring of the body in preparation for winter. Experts are in a hurry to reassure, because knowing simple life hacks, you can quite successfully avoid weight problems and save on additional classes in the gym.

More water

Everyone knows that water ensures the normal operation of all systems, but do they observe the drinking regimen? Not always. Nutritionists recommend keeping a diary in which you will note daily how much you have drunk and how much you need to drink during the week. Keep this schedule in a prominent place so you don't forget. The optimal mode is to take a sip of water every half hour, if the body does not resist, drink further as long as there is a desire. After another half an hour, take a new sip, thereby creating the habit of drinking water with a certain frequency. By staying hydrated, there is very little chance of gaining weight.

Life hacks to avoid weight gain in autumn

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