How to treat sciatica at home

How to treat sciatica at home conditions

is a common disease of the peripheral nervous system, in which bundles of nerve fibers that extend from the spinal cord are affected. One of the most common causes of radiculitis is osteochondrosis caused by the deposition of salts at the junction of the vertebrae, as a result of which the intervertebral discs lose their elasticity and put pressure on the roots.

Signs of the appearance of sciatica

The most characteristic sign of the appearance of sciatica is pain, impaired sensitivity, often movement disorders.

How to treat sciatica at home

  • Sore spots are treated with horseradish juice diluted in water in a one to one ratio. After that, this place is wrapped with a woolen cloth.
  • Black radish compresses help well, for this, the radish is rubbed on a fine grater, the resulting mass is wrapped with a cloth and applied to the sore spot. Then wrapped in a scarf. Such a compress can be worn for several days in a row.
  • A more radical way is to make a compress from potatoes and gasoline. Potatoes, together with the peel, are grated and mixed with gasoline in equal proportions. The resulting mass is wrapped in gauze and applied to the lower back, NO MORE THAN 15 minutes.
  • Another method using potatoes. Boil 500 grams of potatoes, crush and mix with two tablespoons of soda. Wrap the resulting puree in gauze and attach to the lower back, covering it with polyethylene on top and tying it with a woolen cloth.
  • You can prepare an ointment from garlic and pork fat. To do this, pass the garlic through a garlic crusher and mix with fat. The resulting ointment is rubbed into the affected areas of the body after taking a bath. Before applying the ointment, it is necessary to warm it up a little.

Based on materials from the medical news portal medprofi.rf.
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