How to make beautiful knees: not only fitness

How to get beautiful knees: not only fitness

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The knee area is one of the most common problem areas for most of the fair sex, which forces them to be more careful with age. wardrobe. Therefore, even having the desire and ability to wear a mini, many have to abandon this idea due to aesthetic imperfection. How to help your knees look dignified and fit despite their age?

The knee area ages in the same way as the face, hands, neck. Therefore, patients quite often receive a request for rejuvenation of this particular part of the body. As a rule, patients are worried about two things: first of all, fat deposits in the knee area, and secondly, flabbiness of the skin.

With fat deposits in the knee area, work is usually done using injection techniques (lipolytic cocktails) or hardware therapy. Lipolitics are injected into the area of ​​excess subcutaneous fat. During the next two weeks after the procedure, the fat in the knee area dissolves, and they acquire a more aesthetic appearance. The lipolysis procedure must be repeated periodically to maintain the effect.

If we talk about hardware techniques, then focused ultrasound (Ultraformer) has proven itself well for this area. This device is used in cosmetology for face and body rejuvenation – it perfectly copes with fatty deposits and ptosis. Focused ultrasound is an absolutely painless procedure that does not require rehabilitation.

Another effective hardware technique that is used in relation to this part of the body is RF microneedle lifting. Microneedles help to cope with skin laxity, tighten and tighten it qualitatively. This procedure is done several times (course) with breaks of one month. The required number of procedures is determined by the specialist based on the indications of the patient. After microneedle RF-lifting, we see a powerful contraction of the skin and observe an increasing rejuvenation of the knees.

If there is already sagging tissue in the knee area – an excess skin flap, you should initially work this area with a preparation based on calcium hydroxyapatite to stimulate neocollagenesis to improve skin elasticity. After that, you can proceed to the impact of hardware techniques. The choice of hardware technique and methods for correcting the knee area is based on the individual indications of the patient.

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