How to choose the right colored lenses?

How to choose the right color lenses?

Each of us has a certain set of external qualities that very often do not satisfy us. Someone dreams of changing the shape of the nose, the shape of the eyes or the size of the lips, someone wants to change the color of their hair, and someone just needs to see a person with a different shade of eyes in the mirror. If changing the nose and lips requires surgical intervention, and is fraught with negative consequences, then changing the color of hair and eyes is no longer a big problem. The market is rich in a choice of products that, without harm to health, will allow you to turn from a brown-eyed brunette into a fair-haired owner of sky-blue eyes in an instant. You just have to choose the right hair dye and eye lenses in the Lens store! It is about lenses that can temporarily change the color of the eyes and will be discussed in this article.

What criteria are important when choosing and buying colored lenses?

First, when choosing lenses, it is necessary to take into account the fact that not all colors are suitable for permanent wear. Preference should be given to colors and shades that are most harmoniously combined with the type of appearance of the wearer; the criteria for the quality of lens selection are discreet color changes that harmoniously fit into the overall appearance of a person.

Secondly, only a contactologist can choose the right colored contact lenses. He will choose the most suitable diameter, thickness and rigidity of the product and advise proven brands. In addition, the contactologist will advise you on how to wear lenses, how to care for them and how to use them correctly. Consulting a doctor when choosing colored contact lenses is no less important than when buying lenses for vision correction. Since incorrectly selected colored lenses will not only cause discomfort during operation, but can also harm the health of the wearer.

Thirdly, it is necessary to determine the period for which these lenses are purchased. How often and for how long they will be worn.

Terms recommended by doctors:

— tinted contact lenses of low pigmentation – no more than 8 hours of continuous wear

— tinted contact lenses with dense pigmentation – no more than 4 hours of continuous wear

How to choose colored lenses?

What are colored lenses?

Today, the range of colored contact lenses is unusually wide. If you want to change the color of the eyes, you should give preference to those models that correspond to the individual characteristics of the owner's eyes. The most popular types are:

1. Cosmetic lenses with a high level of pigmentation, these are lenses that completely change the color of the wearer's eyes, have a dense color texture. The main factor in choosing such lenses is the correct selection of their diameter, since the lens must completely cover the owner's own eye color.

2. Tinted lenses, with a low level of pigmentation, the purpose of which is to give the wearer's own eye color the greatest expressiveness and saturation.

3. Festive or carnival lenses are intended for one-time wear, as they have various extreme designs and patterns. These lenses also include SCLERAL lenses, which are worn on the entire visible part of the eyeball.

4. Beauty – lenses that are especially loved by the female sex, giving the eyes a radiance and a mirror glow.

Colored lenses that correct vision

You can also not ignore people with poor eyesight, who are also given the opportunity to change their eye color. For them, there are colored lenses with the possibility of vision correction. True, such an acquisition is far from useful for everyone: in addition to the optical load on the eyes, color is also added. So people who want to wear just such lenses should be especially careful in their selection and in no case exceed the wearing period recommended by the contactologist.

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