Heart rate monitor – as one of the attributes of female fitness

Heart rate monitor — as one of attributes of women's fitness

So, this day has finally come. You have decided to go in for sports, or rather fitness. Without a doubt, this is the right decision, because fitness classes will not only make you more slender and attractive in the eyes of the opposite sex, but also increase your self-esteem and improve your health.

Today, fitness is not only a gym and exercise equipment. You can do classic aerobics or Pilates, yoga or jogging, water aerobics or cycling, dance fitness or just walking. Whatever type of outdoor activity you choose, you will need a few things that you simply cannot do without.

What is one of them? Let's understand.

First,this is a durable and roomy bag that will be convenient for you to go to class. The fitness bag must be chosen in such a way that all other accessories fit easily into it. It is desirable that she had several departments, as well as small pockets. It is preferable if it is a backpack for a uniform load on the back and shoulders when wearing it. A bag with handles, especially a heavy one, can pull your arm back and ruin your posture.

Second, these are comfortable and practical clothes that need to be selected depending on what you plan to do. Naturally, leggings and a T-shirt are better suited for classes in the gym. If you are planning outdoor activities, then opt for a classic tracksuit. In any case, you need to choose quality fitness clothing made from special high-tech fabrics that combine the best qualities of natural and synthetic fibers. Such clothing is light and soft, it does not accumulate static electricity, perfectly passes air and absorbs moisture, allowing the body to breathe. In addition, such fabrics are resistant to fading and are very unpretentious in care.

Thirdly,, take care of your feet, more specifically, shoes for them. It is desirable that for fitness you use sneakers made of genuine leather with the addition of mesh, which performs the function of ventilation of the foot and prevents the feet from sweating. Such shoes are considered not only the most comfortable, but also durable. It is machine washable.

Fourthly, do not forget to buy a heart rate monitor that will monitor your heart rate during exercise. This compact electronic device is useful not only for people with diseases of the heart and endocrine system, but also for quite healthy people involved in fitness. It will warn you with a loud signal if your heart rate during a workout exceeds a critical value, so you can reduce the load in time. Recently, heart rate monitors for running and fitness have become very popular, which monitor not only the work of the heart, but also the number of calories burned.

And the last fitness accessory, especially for women, can be considered hygienic moisturizing wipes. They are needed in order to refresh and moisturize the skin of the face after a workout. The main condition is that they be alcohol-free, otherwise you can dry out your skin, which will lose a lot of water after a workout.

Having prepared all these things and coming to the gym, you will definitely feel not only the most charming and attractive, but also the healthiest.

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