Hair care from around the world

Hair care from around the world

Hair is looked after in different countries and each country has its own recipes for maintaining the beauty of hair. Perhaps these recipes will help you restore the beauty and health of your hair.

Colombia. Two egg whites are mixed with mango pulp here. The resulting mixture is applied to the hair in a row, leaving for 15 minutes. The mask is washed off with warm water. This mask leaves hair soft and silky.

Brazil.Apply cocoa butter to your hair and leave for half an hour. The mask is washed off with coconut water.

Argentina. To calm unruly hair, a few drops of aloe juice are added to the shampoo.

Guyana. To add shine to their hair, the inhabitants of this country eat sardines. These fish are rich in omega 3 fatty acids.

Mexico. In this country, almost no hair dryer is used to dry hair. Mexican women use terry towels – this does not injure their hair.

Jamaica.To repair damaged hair, lubricate your hair with cactus juice. The juice is applied to the strands, washed off with warm water after 25 minutes.

Canada. Cold water will help restore shine to your hair. When you shower, try changing the hot water to cold for a few seconds.

Scotland. Bright hair color will help you keep your regular chamomile tea, which can be used instead of your regular shampoo.


France.Before going to bed, apply any restorative mask to your hair. Rub shea butter into the scalp.

Germany. Mix 0.5 liters of beer with warm water. Spray the solution on dry hair. After 20 minutes, rinse your hair with warm water.

Italy. Apply olive or almond oil to the hair roots. Spread the oil over the entire length of your hair. Wash your hair with shampoo after 25 minutes. Such a tool will make the hair healthy and obedient.

Czech Republic.To dye your hair in a golden hue, you can use a decoction of onion peel. Every day, rub the decoction on the strands.

Romania. If you want to lighten your hair, add a spoonful of honey to your shampoo and wash your hair with this mixture.

Australia. Rubbing eucalyptus oil into your scalp will add extra shine to your hair.

India.Indian beauties prefer to use various oils with the addition of essential oils. For masks, you can use sesame, olive, almond, coconut and other oils.

England. To add shine to your hair, mix egg yolks and honey. The mixture is applied to wet hair for 15 minutes. After a while, wash off the mask from your hair.

Japan. To make your hair beautiful, Japanese women make masks from rice. This mask is suitable for any type of hair, gives hair shine and relieves dandruff.

Egypt.Here, ground ginger is used to get rid of dandruff. Two tablespoons of grated ginger are mixed with 3 tablespoons of sesame oil and the juice of half a lemon. The resulting mixture is rubbed into the scalp, left for 25 minutes, then washed off with warm water. This procedure is recommended to be done three times a week.

Spain. To strengthen and add shine to the hair, they are rinsed with a decoction of quince fruits. Boil 3 quinces with peel in 2 liters of water. The broth is cooled and rinsed with hair after washing.

China. Use white camellia oil to moisturize hair and keep hair soft.

Greece. To prevent hair from falling out, use a decoction of bitter wormwood: take 30 grams of wormwood leaves and pour a liter of water. Bring to a boil, cool and rub into the scalp.

Israel. If you happen to be lucky enough to visit Israel, the Dead Sea will help you. It is enriched with healing salts, which help to take care of the hair.

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