Fundamentals of rational nutrition and its components

The basics of rational nutrition and its components

The term “rational nutrition” is known to absolutely everyone, but not everyone can answer the question of what it means. The promotion of a healthy lifestyle, sports and proper nutrition is becoming more active every year; today there is a filter for cleaning and a water silverer in almost every home. What is the principle of rational nutrition and why do all adherents of a healthy lifestyle recommend following its rules?

The first and most important principle of rational nutrition calls for eating at least four times a day. At the same time, portions of food should be small (no more than 250 & # 8212; 300 grams). It is this diet that nutritionists consider optimal. It is suitable not only for those who are actively struggling with excess weight, but also for people who strive to maintain health.

Among the recommended foods for the daily diet, the following are distinguished: lean meat, dairy products, fish, fresh vegetables and fruits, eggs, cereals and pasta from durum wheat. Drinks should also be given great attention, it is best to give preference to fresh juices and tea without sugar, and it is better to reduce coffee consumption to a minimum.

We must not forget about plain water, it must be consumed at least one and a half liters daily. Ionization of water with silver, about which many useful articles have been written, will be an excellent help on the way to good health and weight loss. Flour and confectionery products, chocolate, spicy and salty foods, spicy dishes, carbonated and alcoholic drinks should be excluded from the daily diet.

Food preparation should also be treated with great attention. Meat, fish and vegetables are best boiled or steamed, and fried foods should not be on the table often. Sugar and salt intake should be kept under strict control. Nutritionists advise to consume no more than 12 grams of salt daily, and for sugar the maximum allowable rate is 20 grams.

After eating, rest should be avoided, even a 15-minute walk will be enough for the process of digestion to be successful. The last meal is recommended to be no more idle than 2 hours before bedtime. For a late dinner, a glass of kefir or a small portion of fresh fruits and vegetables is perfect.

The main “enemy” of a balanced diet is the feeling of hunger. The diet should be adjusted so that there are equal intervals between meals, then the problem of constant hunger will not bother. All principles of rational nutrition are simple and intuitive. This way of eating has proven to be the most optimal and serves as an excellent alternative to trendy diets and weight loss methods.

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