Freeze! Static exercises for the development of flexibility and a toned figure

Freeze! Static exercises for flexibility and fit development

What should be an effective workout? Many imagine active cardio, with out of breath, jumping, running. But experts believe that static exercises can bring no less benefit, while not putting such a strain on the heart and blood vessels.

Static exercises are used in yoga, Pilates and other fitness areas. They suggest that you freeze in a certain position for a while. Muscles at this moment experience strong tension, the body becomes more flexible.

These exercises may look simple, but they are quite difficult to maintain, especially for unprepared people. Everyone who has tried to hold the bar for at least half a minute knows this.

Static exercises are suitable for those who are trying to develop endurance, strengthen muscles and tighten the body, making it more prominent. To a lesser extent, this type of activity will help if active fat burning is necessary – the pulse during such a workout almost does not increase. On the other hand, there is much less grass during static exercises.

To make the effect of static exercises noticeable, follow a few rules during training.

Freeze for at least 30 seconds

According to research, only after this time the muscles begin to react to fatigue, so you need to hold the pose for at least half a minute.

Stretch your muscles

Try choose poses for static training in which the muscles are maximally elongated, so their growth will occur 10-15% more actively.

Recent 6 seconds

While exercising, apply maximum effort in the last 6 seconds, this will warm up the body and consolidate the effect of the workout.

The Most Effective Static Exercises


A true classic of these workouts. It is believed that in this position, the load falls on all the muscles of the body. The key is to avoid arching your back.

Side Plank

A variant of the exercise for advanced, not everyone can do it the first time. But after a few attempts, the side plank will also submit to you. Stand in an emphasis lying down, release one hand and turn the body to the side. In the early days, you can lean on one knee, then the balance will become easier.

High chair

This exercise seems quite simple: you need to stand on the wall and sit down as if you were sitting on a low chair. It is important to keep your back straight. In just a few seconds you will feel tension in your buttocks, back and legs.

Butt Bridge

< p style="margin-left:0cm; margin-right:0cm">Great exercise to strengthen your hips, back, and buttocks: Lie on your back, bend your knees, and place your feet flat on the floor 30-50 cm from your buttocks. Lift your pelvis off the surface, lift as high as possible and hold this position. The farther the feet are from the pelvis, the more difficult the exercise.


This exercise has been known to many since childhood: it is great for the shoulders, arms, abs and back. Sit on the mat, lift your legs off the surface, bend them at the knees and stretch your arms parallel to the floor and shins. Hold the position, trying to keep your back straight and keep your legs up until the end of the exercise.

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