Features of breast reconstruction after oncology

Peculiarities of breast reconstruction after oncology

Reconstructive breast surgery after removal of the mammary gland allows a woman to regain her beauty and self-confidence after a serious illness. Reconstructive plastic surgery can be carried out in several ways.

Breast arthroplasty is the restoration of the breast using an expander (temporary implant) or an implant. Endoprosthetics can be delayed (some time after removal of the mammary gland) or one-stage (performed immediately after removal). Often, simultaneous endoprosthetics is impossible due to the fact that after the operation to remove the mammary gland, there are not enough own tissues to install the implant. In this case, it is necessary to carry out a series of preparatory operations.

The lack of fatty layer of breast tissue is restored by liposuction and lipofillingfat taken in the area of ​​the anterior or lateral abdominal wall. If it is not possible to completely restore the fat layer in one operation, several identical operations are performed. They are well tolerated, but engraftment of adipose tissue takes, on average, 2-3 months. Installation of an implant or expander is possible only after complete engraftment of fat. Simultaneously with the procedure of liposuction-lipofilling, correction of the second breast is often performed (breast lift, reduction or increase in its size). This allows, after carrying out all the preparatory procedures at the site of the removed breast, to select the size of the implant so that both glands are as similar as possible in shape and size.

The second stage of arthroplasty is the installation of an expander. An expander is a temporary implant that is needed to stretch the tissues of the new breast and create a capsule for installing a permanent implant. The size of the expander is always chosen larger than the size of the own breast. This is necessary in order to ensure the natural ptosis of the reconstructed breast. The expander is placed under the muscle with a partially filled saline solution. Thereafter, the expander is pumped up with saline every week (about 50 ml per week), which mimics the natural process of breast growth in youth.

Peculiarities of breast reconstruction after oncology

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