Experts have figured out why people age better for women

Experts figured out why people get old shvidshe for woman

  The human body is older than the woman through a shkidlivy way of life. Up to 50 years of a person on chotiri rocks older than 50 years of women.   A ceremony at the University of Jyväskylä near Finland confirmed that people are biologically aging faster than women. Moreover, this opening is formed already after the 21st of the year, and pov & # 39; it is such a sumly manifestation of human shkidlivy zvichkami. For example, people smoke more often, drink alcohol and gain confidence.   The authors of the report chimed two centuries of the same people. One of them is a passport, and the other is a biological one, to help the body. Yogo can be used for additional research, as it is possible to evaluate the number of other DNA markers. The establishment of these two age groups showed a gender difference between men and women.   However, the wines are strong enough to speed up, like the Finnish successors are hardening, the shards of the earlier rose earlier. In Finland, the number of people who want to fire is rapidly changing, from 37% in the 1970s it fell to 17%. And from the middle women, the number is stable – at a rate of 15%. In addition, it is strong to force and win the war, but the people also fight diligently against it.  
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