Emotional stress and how to deal with it

Emotional stress and ways to deal with it


Emotional stress and ways to cope with it

 If you have mental problems, sleep disturbance, torment panic attacks, suicidal thoughts occur or depression increases, then quick help techniques and reminders are not enough, you need to seek help from qualified specialists as soon as possible.

Increasingly, a psychologist is being asked about a critical level of internal tension. A person's habitual reactions to external events  are individual, and not everyone knows how to deal with these reactions.

The desire to control most of the events leads to impotence, if there are external crisis events that a person cannot cannot influence. Or when a person thinks that he can influence, but this will lead to a deterioration in his personal situation, and cannot make a choice, he only reacts emotionally, bodily, intellectually.

Emotional stress— it is a mental (so-called mental) discomfort, cumulative emotional experiences that can significantly exhaust, & nbsp; reduce the emotional background and motivation.

There are a lot of factors leading to tension, all of them are conditionally divided into internal and external. 

It is necessary to accept the existence of external events that are difficult and often impossible to foresee, but at the same time there is an internal part that needs support. A person cannot influence an event, but can influence a process that triggers negative, disturbing thoughts and actions, fears and phobias. 

Emotional stress can be either situational, — for example, after a conflict with someone, and constant (background) — often as a result of specific working conditions, lifestyle or sudden changes in the world, crises. 

It is important to track how, through what sequence of actions a person came to this state of tension. What kind of thoughts arose as a result of a critical situation, and then recognize and acknowledge, possibly conflicting feelings, accept them.

Be sure to analyze your emotional reactions, even when it seems to you that it is superfluous or useless , this is not true. Gradually, you build new neural connections, change the direction of thinking and perception of life. 

And, already when you can get out of this state of the first panic, exhale and look at things soberly, realistically, with cold head.

Be active, passivity will only increase emotional stress. Keep a balance between rest and work. The body needs movement to reduce stress levels. Do not stop your normal life and daily activities. 

Emotional stress and ways to deal with it

Sometimes  the causes of stress are accumulated resentment, irritation (what we examined in detail in the last article).

Reinforced by this state and repetitive thoughts emotion returns again and again, damaging the human psyche and his general condition.

In order to reduce suffering, negativity, and stress levels, you can try using the technique of writing a letter of forgiveness that does not need to be sent. This technique helps to identify and live all the emotions that arise. 

Forgiveness — it is also an element of love and moving forward, without the heavy burden of the past.

In some situations, such a character defect as false pride may appear, which prevents us from recognizing our difficulties and mistakes. In these cases, the person is unable to accept help or advice from others regarding their problem. In addition, pride prevents you from taking responsibility for your problem, and not blaming people, places and circumstances. 

Criticism (criticism, criticism, criticism) also creates tension not only for us, but also for others when we criticize them. In some situations, the tendency to blame someone else works as a psychological defense to divert attention from your own mistakes. The question arises whether you know how to accept criticism in order to use it for your improvement. The positive opposite in this case would be praise.

Intolerance — restriction of equal freedom of opinion, negative attitude towards the views, actions and opinions of others, —   provokes anger, aggression, criticism and irritation. Intolerant people cannot bear the presence of anything that does not correspond to their idea of ​​​​perfection and somehow contradicts their personal opinion and beliefs.

☑️ It is important to remember that each person has his own shortcomings and flaws, everyone makes mistakes sometimes and has the right to make a mistake. What you see in other —  most often a mirror image of what is inside you. It is necessary to accept that everyone has an opinion. 

Negative and immature thinking forms a vicious circle of suffering. To deal with it, you can be guided by the following principles. 

Such as:

✔️ Honesty
Striving for freedom from self-deception, acceptance of one's powerlessness in the face of changing mood and mental state;

First of all, you need to be honest with yourself.

 ✔️ Humility

⦁    Humility — acknowledging and accepting that you do have negative attitudes;
⦁    Humility — it is patience and tolerance for other people.

Tools that allow you to work with beliefs

⦁    You need to take a test and find out what exactly worries you (and in what direction you need to move in order to come to a solution to the problem);
⦁    Separate real worries and fears from fictional or exaggerated ones;
⦁    Try to learn more about how to manage the situation when there is both a real and perceived threat;
⦁    Start to gradually reduce anxiety with self-help therapeutic practices, or seek advice from a specialist. Remember that this does not oblige you to anything, you can also apply for a one-time consultation. Break the cycle of anxiety before it gets out of control;
⦁    Replace catastrophic, negative thinking with positive self-observation skills;
⦁    Find out how to develop self-control.

For example, you can use the table below:

Emotional stress and ways to deal with it

Most of the time when you have double troubles, your thoughts go in circles.

For example:

< strong>“Because I can't change, my fears will stay with me forever. Since my
fears will go on forever, I won't be able to change”

Another example: “Anxiety –
is a terrible feeling, and because I feel terrible, anxiety – this is terrible.

You can get out of the circle of double issues by looking at each one as a guess, sorting it out, and countering it with positive suggestions.

❓ Answer your questions, preferably in writing and in as much detail as possible: What can happen in the worst case? Is it really scary? What is real and & nbsp; concretely I am able to change now? What fears will remain? What happens if this fear disappears? Have you ever been able to overcome your fear?


“I can't change”
“fears stay with me forever»

In order to analyze such a situation, you can use techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy, for example:

Emotional stress and ways to deal with it

Emotional stress and how to deal with it

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