Does the most miracle diet for weight loss work?

Does the most miracle diet for weight loss work?

Does the most miracle food for weight loss work?

Do you want to lose weight? You can “make happy”: there is a high probability that you will forever remain plump. Well … Or you will simply suffer from extra pounds, and for the rest of your life. Why?

Difficulties in losing weight

The main and most significant reason why people are overweight is instincts that simply require food, if there is such an opportunity. Instincts are known to be the hardest to go against.

The second reason is “bad” heredity. It just so happened that everyone in your family was plump. It is possible to fight this, but it is more difficult than the “mops” in life. There is an objection here: is it necessary? Pysheka – it's nice enough, unless, of course, the fat from the sides does not hang down.

The third reason does not depend on you. Where do you look for information about nutrition for weight loss? Probably on the internet. After all, there are many resources that position themselves as proper nutrition sites, and, of course, contain recommendations on nutrition for weight loss.

But what is the probability that this information is true? Sometimes these methods are so absurd that not only do they not help, they also beat off any desire to lose weight. Alas, this greatly undermines self-confidence and… motivation.

Does the most miracle food for weight loss work?

There is also a fourth reason – frankly false advertising in the media. Most often, these are advertisements for miracle supplements that allow you to eat everything and still lose weight.

Studies show that 91% of supplements do not bring any result at all, no matter how much they cost. But there is nowhere to get information about unadvertised drugs.

There are no popular medical journals that give truthful information now (there are still the same advertisements), and we simply cannot handle professional research.

In fact, nutrition for weight loss exists. Just in order to lose weight, you need to have strong enough willpower or … significant motivation. As a rule, for a woman it is love, for a man it is the approval of friends. Yes Yes! Girls, do not flatter yourself, for men, planes are always the first thing … You can only calm down with an honorable second place.

What should be done to lose weight?

  • First, get examined by a doctor. The cause of excess weight (especially if you have recovered dramatically) can be several diseases: problems in the thyroid and pancreas, some hereditary diseases, delayed sexual development, disorders in the central nervous system, menopausal changes. By the way, there are not very few such cases, a quarter of obese patients need treatment by narrow specialists, and not at all by nutritionists.
  • Secondly, take an objective attitude to your physical activity. Maybe you just began to move less, and spend more time at the computer or TV. There are about 7% of such cases.
  • Thirdly (and this is the largest number of cases), there is less to eat. Do not climb into the refrigerator with or without a reason! As soon as such a desire arose, try switching to another. Sex, for example.
  • Fourth (perhaps this is the most real and effective), do not let yourself get better! Do not think that one kilogram is not superfluous and you will stop there (unless, of course, you want to get better).
  • Remember that the main principle of nutrition for weight loss is to consume more calories than you eat . Added a little? Either training or reducing the diet for this will save you a little.

    Well, of course, you should not make a cult out of food. Just try to eat less and only then look for a suitable diet. Better if with the help of a nutritionist or trainer (they can help too). Do not look for a miracle diet pill. Until it exists…

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