Doctors have revealed the consequences of the increase in the level of secic acid

Physicians have shown signs of rising sechoic acid

  As the body badly copes with the excretion of sechoic acid, it can be different for the health of the mothers, to the important and fatal.   Sechoic acid is a by-product of the processing of some speeches. A healthy body sounds like a balance of its own, seeing too much sechoic acid through nirk, intestines, pit and slin. If you don’t break one’s wine, the consequences can be even more important.   Why is the rіven of sechovoy acid – not safe?   Surpluses of sechoic acid lead to the crystallization of the crystals and their appearance in the loams, which will burn the fire and the damaged exchange of the speeches. Typical heritage of this – gout and severe pain.   For a long time, the Nimets comradeship of cardiologists has admitted, for a long time, that supraworld sechoic acid reduces the risk of stroke. Of course, it is considered a risk factor for the development of diabetes, nirk deficiency and hardening of the arteries.   Why does the concentration of sechoic acid increase in the body? Often they pour in grubs and spicy ways of life. Zokrema, the excretion of secic acid from the body, improves purini – protein slugs, which can be found in especially large quantities in the singing food products.   Also up to factors that damage the splitting of sechoic acid, fat, alcohol poisoning, stress.   How to get rid of gouty gout   People – near the risk zone. A study at the University of Limerick showed that a high level of sechoic acid in the blood can shorten life for a lifetime. Particularly indifferent people.   “As the concentration of sicic acid in the blood of people exceeds 535 µmol/l, it becomes clear that the life expectancy is up to 11.7 years,” – the visnovo doslednikov about it published the European Journal of Internal Medicine.   The too low level of sechoic acid is also considered to be unsafe, but the damage is even more rare and sounds like a break in the exchange of speech.  
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