Desheli cosmetics in Russia

Desheli cosmetics in Russia

The Desheli company is part of the large international holding DP Group, which was founded in 1992. At the moment, this corporation includes 5 large companies that operate in various fields and operate in more than 10 countries around the world. DP Group Holding– one of the strongest organizations that participate in the economic development of countries on all continents of the planet.

The Desheli company itself appeared in 2008 as a separate direction in the world market. The leading direction of the brand is the distribution of professional cosmetics. Desheli products are based on a technology that has been developed over several years. This technology, after careful testing, was patented by this trademark in 2008.

Desheli cosmetics are produced in Israel at the Hlavin plant, as you can see in the certificates for all products and certificates from the manufacturing plant, which indicate specific cosmetics. The Desheli trademark is represented by a considerable number of separate representative offices, which are separate independent formations that operate under the same brand.

The main series of cosmetics Desheli is Crystal Youth cosmetics, its distinguishing feature is cumulative Effect. Throughout life, human skin is affected by various factors, due to which the efficiency of cells is weakened. To restore the functioning of the cell frequency, cosmetics of this line are used, which are based on the work of crystals that help cells restore their working frequency.

Also, these crystals, used in Desheli cosmetics, enhance the effect of natural active elements present in creams throughout cosmetics of this company.

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