Dental procedure – curettage of the periodontal pocket

Dental procedure — periodontal pocket curettage

Gum disease is one of the most common dental problems. Gum disease, such as periodontal disease and gingivitis, is caused by a variety of causes. Therefore, an effective dental procedure used for gum disease is curettage of periodontal canals.

The dental procedure curettage directly depends on the state of the periodontal pocket – a slit-like depression located between the cervical part of the tooth and the marginal process of the gums. Therefore, closed, open curettage of the periodontal pocket depends on its condition. The normal state of the periodontal pocket is considered to be a depth not exceeding three millimeters. Such depth in the process of daily oral care does not cause pain.

Dental procedure — curettage of periodontal pocket

In the case when the depth of the pocket exceeds three millimeters, daily oral hygiene becomes difficult. There is an unhindered deposition of unwanted plaque and the subsequent formation of tartar. Thus, there is a destruction of dental tissue with subsequent loss of the tooth. To prevent this from happening, it is necessary to perform curettage. Closed curettage is performed without surgical incision of the gums.

Dental procedure — periodontal pocket curettage

In this case, the following dental procedures are performed: professional removal of deposits from the surface of the tooth and polishing of tooth enamel. In this case, curettage removes pathological tissues, decay products and particles of softened cement. Open curettage is a more complex dental procedure that involves cutting the gums and performing manipulations. As a rule, it is carried out in cases where closed curettage does not bring the desired effect. If the depth of the periodontal canal is significant, the cleaning technique is completely different.

In the case of a significant level of bone resorption, an artificial build-up using membranes is necessary. This direction is called GTR (Guided Tissue Regeneration). Therefore, in order not to start gum disease, hurry up to the dentist's office.

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