“Cubes” of muscles on the female abdomen or a long way to relief

Summer is coming to an end, holidays are ending, workdays are starting with new plans and ideas. But plans may concern not only the professional sphere. Holidays can inspire personal plans.

For example, spending time at the beach can influence your desire to lose weight or change your body in some way.

Often the sight of tanned beauties at the edge of the sea motivates them to reduce body fat and create a beautiful muscular relief. For example, abdominal cubes can become one of the tasks for the weekdays that began after the holidays. Someone has the opportunity to visit the gym, where a trainer and a specially trained nutritionist will help you choose physical activity and nutrition suitable for this.

How to pump up a press for a girl?

But there are situations when a girl is left alone with the desire to create a relief press. It will not be possible to limit yourself to physical activity alone (pumping up the abdominal muscles with any exercises). Get «cubes» on the stomach for girls and women is much more difficult than for men. Here you can not do without protein supplements and special sports nutrition with amino acids bcaa, which contribute to the development of muscle mass.

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But is it possible to create sculpted abs with muscle training and sports nutrition? Alas, the answer is «no». You can pump up muscles, but they will be hidden under body fat. To create a beautiful muscular relief, it is necessary to reduce the percentage of body fat to about ten percent. This is impossible without reducing the calorie content of food, because a modern person often goes over the daily calorie intake.

Plus, you will definitely need cardio loads that increase energy consumption. This can be jogging, regular cycling or walking. Plus, the maximum reduction in the percentage of fat in food by increasing the protein. Yes, and fast carbohydrates such as sweet drinks and confectionery will have to be abandoned. And all this is not for a week or two, but for a long time.

Constancy of loads

Thus, a fairly simple task at first glance «create a relief press» turns into a long process of weight loss and building overall muscle mass. It is impossible to pump up one muscle group, leaving all the rest in the same shape. It is also worth noting that girls planning to give birth to children should be more careful with «cubes». Do not forget about the male view of the female body. The strong half of humanity most often prefers toned, but by no means inflated female figures.

To create or not to create a muscular relief on the stomach — this is a personal decision for everyone. But before embarking on this long and difficult journey, it makes sense to formulate exactly why it is worth starting.

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