Covid angina is the main symptom in coronavirus

Covid angina is the most important symptom in coronavirus

The skin strain has many symptoms, which are more widened than others, and Omіkron BA. 5 nothing is disturbed.

In that hour, like some symptoms, like a change in the smell, they are less “parts”, and the Daedals become more frequent. The original Omikron showed that symptoms can be overcome from such things as flu and colds, from undead to headaches.

However, being on the lookout for the most widespread signs of Covid can help to eliminate guilt.

Strain Omikron: the doctor named a symptom that is more important, and more important “Symptoms, it seems, the symptoms have changed now, if Omicron BA.5 is really dominating. Pain in the throat, like before, is a more important symptom, followed by a headache, – even Andreeva.

How to recognize "covid angina"? A pain in the throat is considered an early symptom of coronavirus.

“The first day of infection becomes worse, but with the coming day it becomes thinner,” the doctor explains. This type of sore throat, which is characterized by “flabbiness”

If there is a need for intensity, then at the throat with Covid it will sound easy and try no more than n'yati days. If you see an even stronger pain in the throat, you can signal about it, for example, about a bacterial infection.


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