Choosing a dentist and dental clinic: only the best professionals in dentistry

Choice dentist and dental clinic: only the best professionals in dentistry

Every adult visits a dentist from time to time. Someone does it in accordance with the recommendations of doctors, that is, once every six months or a year. For some, visits to the clinic are always associated with tooth decay or toothache.

Someone visits dentistry not only for the treatment and prevention of caries, but also to correct the bite, whiten or install veneers. Regardless of the frequency and reasons for contacting, each patient wants to get into a good dental clinic with a competent professional.

Which dentist should I contact?

You can go to a trusted clinic to a well-known doctor. But, alas, some dental clinics are closing, favorite doctors are leaving, patients are moving to other districts and cities. How to choose a good clinic and a suitable specialist? First, it is worth remembering that the quality of treatment is very different in paid and free dentistry. The latter is so sad that then the patient has to deal with the consequences together with the orthopedic dentist.

In public dental clinics, usually not the newest equipment, rather cheap materials, one X-ray machine once a week by appointment, and very different doctors with very different levels of professionalism and qualifications. And if it is not possible to go to a private clinic, then you need to take care of yourself and the health of your teeth as much as possible in a public clinic.

Choosing a dentist and dental clinic: only the best professionals in dentistry

In dentistry, the human factor plays a huge role. That is why it is worth finding a stand with the names of doctors in the clinic and choosing those whose qualifications are the highest. Usually these are several doctors, among which it is worth choosing. How? Most often, in state clinics, the names of the best doctors are transmitted like oral folk art, in corridors and in front of offices, in line at the registry (yes, in state medicine, there is nowhere without a queue). Plus, these doctors have a long line of appointments.

Why is it better to contact paid dentistry?

If there is an opportunity to turn to private dentistry, then you need to contact without hesitation. True, you need to choose this institution even more carefully than a doctor in state dentistry. Reviews on the Internet, recommendations from friends, qualifications of a dentist, the number of diplomas and certificates of completion of additional courses on the wall of the clinic, the general impression of communicating with the doctor, the way he talks about the treatment process — all this should be taken into account.

It is important to remember that regardless of financial well-being and place of residence, there is always a choice of dentistry and a competent doctor. And it is the patient who is responsible for this choice, thus taking care of the health of their teeth and the quality of treatment.

Author of the article: Tatyana Naumova, editor of