Cardiac tamponade: recognize the deadly enemy in time and save your heart

 Cardiac tamponade: recognize the deadly enemy in time and save your heart

The cardiovascular system is not just important for health: our life depends on its work. Our body is like the thinnest string and it reacts sharply to even the slightest malfunction. Unfortunately, according to studies, in our country every second person has problems with blood vessels. Vascular diseases, in turn, give complications to the whole body and our heart takes the first blows. Improper circulation can cause valves to malfunction, and if the heart has a condition such as cardiac tamponade, this can lead to a very sad outcome.

First of all, let's talk about what kind of disease it is and what causes it to appear. The main reason — accumulation of a lot of fluid in the heart sac. This usually happens after a serious injury or blows to the chest, but tamponade can also occur if the kidneys and adrenal glands are no longer able to cope with their work. Slags accumulate, the liquid ceases to be excreted in the required amount. The disease can also cause swelling or damage to the heart sac. But in any case, the pericardium is filled with fluid, as a result, the blood almost stops flowing into the heart muscle itself and, as a result, to other organs. Coma and instant death occur almost immediately if the signs of the disease are not recognized in time.

That is why everyone should know what cardiac tamponade is and how to deal with it. By far the most effective — undergo an EKG every few months. Only an ECG is able to detect the disease even when it did not have time to reach a critical point. The following symptoms should cause alarm: «audibility» work of the heart, pulsation of blood in the veins (in some cases, due to high pressure on the vessels, the veins may swell). If an injury was received, then the heartbeat weakens immediately, breathing slows down, it is more and more difficult to take a breath. In chronic diseases, such as kidney failure, swelling and weight gain cannot be attributed to kidney function, since there is a high probability of cardiac tamponade. Particular attention should be paid if there is a lack of air, a feeling of tightness in the heart, a feeling of cardiac arrest. Do not delay with a trip to the endocrinologist and cardiologist.

If the tamponade was not caused by a stroke or trauma, then outpatient treatment is prescribed. Usually complex reception of preparations copes very successfully. However, if you self-medicate by taking «self-prescribed» medication time will be lost. In addition, the usual home treatment is not able to stop the development of tamponade. Therefore, taking sedatives only for a while brings some relief. But after a short period of time, all the symptoms will return with a vengeance. The fluid that has accumulated in the bag must be removed without fail, otherwise the pressure will not ease and the level of adrenaline will rise higher and higher, which will eventually lead to death.

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