Candy diet: sweet tooth in paradise

Candy Diet: Sweet Tooth in Paradise

The candy diet is perfect for those with a sweet tooth. Indeed, in addition to the long-awaited weight loss, they will also receive a lot of pleasure. Travelers and climbers should be thanked for this — it was they who first noticed and proved that lollipops not only satisfy hunger, but also do not burden the stomach. The idea behind the candy diet is to replace regular meals with candy. The daily intake of sweets varies depending on which version of the candy diet you have chosen: rapid weight correction or gradual weight loss.

To quickly lose weight, you need to exclude the standard consumption of food for a whole week and replace all breakfasts, lunches and dinners with sweets. But even in this mode, caramels should not be abused, the daily rate should not exceed 75 grams. Fortified lozenges, which can be found in every pharmacy, are best suited for such purposes. In addition, you can drink water without gas, kefir or unsweetened green tea. The result of — minus 3 kilos in a week.

 Candy diet: sweet tooth in paradise

«Candy» weight loss in gentle mode — this is the use of lollipops instead of dinner for a month. With such a diet, up to 4 hours, you need to fully eat, but still you should not abuse fatty, fried, salty foods. Portions should also not increase, otherwise you can fail in the struggle for a thin waist. In a month, 3-4 extra pounds will go away.

So that the weight does not return after the termination of this tasty diet, it is necessary to periodically arrange “candy” fasting days. To get out of such a diet should also be gradual. In the first week, you can only have breakfast, while skipping lunch and dinner. The next week, you can start having lunch, and then dinner.

Candy diet: sweet tooth in paradise

But, like all mono-diets, candy has a number of drawbacks. It does not give the whole range of useful substances to the body, so you can not sit on it for a long time. Otherwise it will do more harm than good. Also, with a candy diet, a lot of calcium is excreted from the body, so milk and kefir must be in the diet every day. This type of diet is not suitable for people with diabetes. And do not forget that the use of sweets can adversely affect the condition of the teeth. To avoid this influence, you should brush your teeth 3-4 times a day.

And be sure to consult a doctor before starting a candy diet.

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